Sep 30, 2010

Featured Artist interview: ANGEL:CRY (E38)

About: ANGEL:CRY, Kyiv

"....Aggressive and bitchy female vocal, distorted scream and low gothic male voice, straight trance beats, metal guitars and pop melodies made ANGEL:CRY highly recognizable among other bands on ukrainian industrial stage, where band started it's existence..."
Short interview with B.E.S. - leader of the ANGEL:CRY band.

1. Who was your hero during your childhood? And what about now?

The hero of my childhood was an image of astronaut in the alien world. Now my hero is Anton Szandor LaVey. And in my opinion they are similar =)

Featured Artist interview: Viviana Scarlassa (E37)

About:  Viviana Scarlassa from Buenos Aires

"Viviana Scarlassa is a singer and actress. Her long-standing career has led her to share projects and stages with prominent figures such as Virgilio Expósito, Alberto Podestá, Guillermo Fernández, Mora Godoy, Raúl Lavié and Lisandro Adrover, among others. She is the singer of the female tango quintet China Cruel. In 2008 and 2009 she was guest solo singer of the Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina Juan de Dios Filiberto under the direction of maestri Atilio Stampone and Oscar D’Elía. She is presenting the repertoire from her second solo album "En carne propia". "

1. Who was your hero during your childhood? And what about now?
All the Tango legends, specially CARLOS GARDEL. Now I admire all musicians in Argentina cause it's really very difficult to be an artist there

Sep 29, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Me & My Brother (E38)

About: Me & My Brother, Ukraine, Kyiv.

 "Sometimes they sound absurd, nonsense, broken and untuned as if they could have never studied how to sing and play music. One may find it insincere, artificial and childish. Me & My Brother would never care. All they do they do for themselves without taking into consideration advises, critics and opinions of others."

Y answers stands for Yurko and G stands for Galya.

1). Who was your hero during your childhood? And what about now?

G: Piter Pan and Carrie Bradshow.
Y: Jeanne d'Arc used to be my hero when i was kid, now there are no heroes left.

ArenaCast Episode 38 Playlist

Week  September. 27 - October. 3

ArenaCast Episode includes:


# Artist Track
1 Finn Anderson Without You
2 ANGEL:CRY The Mirror
3 Shannon Orick Shackled
4 Rey de Picas Mala Fortuna (misfortune)
5 Eric Palmer Evolving - Kite's Feather
6 Me And My Bro Say
7 The Bons Enjoy Your Life
8 Danielle Anne Hill The Cranberries 'zombie' Cover
9 Birdy Wayfarin' Stranger
10 Beer Belly The Rogues Of Scotland

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

Sep 28, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Rósa Gudmundsdóttir (E37)

 About: Rósa Gudmundsdóttir, New York

"I just wish the same for you out there as I wish for myself - that includes happiness, joy, laughter, no worries, smiles, money (if you know how to manage it) and of course health and success in all fields, just to name a few..... ,-) xxxxRosa"

 1). Who was your hero during childhood?  And what about now? 
My father, Madonna, classical composers, Vigdis Finnbogadottir,(an Icelandic first female elected president in the world). I am my hero now !

2). How much time do you spend sleeping?  
depends 6-10 hours

Sep 27, 2010

Featured Artist interview: De Yung A.T (E36)

 About: De Yung A.T from Puchong, Kuala Lumpur

"HEY YO I am 14 thiz year and a malaysian rapper...juz start rapping and love it,and really hoping for a record deal or even a producer,so thiz is pretty much all my demo and my music,I wanna make history be the youngest rapper in malaysian age 14....and be de secound chinese and guide thiz young 14 year old teen...

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day? Eminem.He's my inspiration.I've been listening to him since i was 8.

Featured Artist interview: NewNobility (E37)

 About: NewNobility Sydney, Australia 

"Melodious rock like this doesn't often come from Australian shores - and how the US and UK are taking a shine to these fine musical craftsmen on a clear mission. They have won numerous awards including the Music Aid Award for "Best Band 2007" in the U.K. and the World Peace and Music Award in India."

Featured Artist interview: Nic Henstridge (E37)

About: Nic Henstridge, Sydney, Australia

"A talented singer, songwriter, musician and performer Nic is approaching the completion of a Degree in Music at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, and has already played some great Sydney venues including The Basement, The Heritage (Bulli), Zeta Bar @ The Hilton and Opera Bar. After playing venues throughout Sydney as lead singer of successful underground band Nadati in 2007-2009, Nic has moved on from the group and is now writing solo and with Sydney guitarist Luke Heafey."

1). Who was your hero during childhood? And what about now?
I'm not sure I had a 'hero' when I was a kid, although when I was in my pre-teens Anthony Kiedis from the RHCPs was my idol. I think that carried through to my early teens too, I can remember dressing like him while I watched their early versions of video blogs. There was something inside me that resonated so deeply with musicians and I knew that's why I was here.

Sep 24, 2010

Featured Artist interview: J Stewen (E37)

About: J Stewen ,Birmingham,UK
"Bristol girl (living in Birmingham atm) on a mission to get her music heard - recordings are basic but if you can get past that and hear the potential get in touch! the dream is to tour - not bothered about being famous as such (as in like pop stars - it's more about success and making a living out of what you love) - but would just love to get enough musicians together to turn my songs into an amazing deep and at times fun set and then go off to different countries and play those amazing sets :D " (from myspase)

1). Who was your hero during childhood? And what about now?
 She-ra - I don't have one hero anymore just anyone who is trying beyond their means get's my repect and admiration.
2). How much time do you spend sleeping?
I'm a crap sleeper, unless i get a lye in then about 5 but a lot of that is just dozing, if i get a lye in then about 10 lol
3). What season of the year is the most similar to your music?
I'm a winter girl so write most of my songs then.

Featured Artist interview: Jeffrey Brockman (E36)

 About: Jeffrey Brockman Pordenone, Italy

"Most people call me Brock; feel free! When I was 12 years old I wrote my first poem. For my 16th birthday my father bought a Yamaha acoustic guitar at a pawn shop for $50. Nearly all the songs I have written have been with my beat-up guitar my father bought over a decade ago. My songs are written about life as it happens, experiences to learn from, love to grow with, and the world around us all. Just because life has taken us all down some rough avenues, they need not be pondered too much because the world around us is begging for attention! Life is good, let us enjoy it through music and capture every moment in our hearts. "

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day? 
I would love to play on stage with anyone from Jack Johnson to Tool to Ludacris and T.I.

2). Tell us a funny story that has happened to you either at a live gig or in a practice...
My previous band's music was a bit heavier and during one of the songs I forgot all my lyrics.  The guitarist saved me with an amazing solo until I remembered!

Sep 23, 2010

Featured Artist interview: TED'S LIVING ROOM (E36)

About: TED'S LIVING ROOM from Galway,Ireland

"I'm a full time working musician based in Galway, Ireland and have recently started recording some instrumentals. Hope you enjoy them!"(from reverb nation)

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day? 
David Gilmore 

2). Tell us a funny story that has happened to you either at a live gig or in a practice...
A band that i played in got lost on the way to the stage one night just like in the movie Spinal Tap!. 

Featured Artist interview: Laurent Chalef (E36)

About: Laurent Chalef , France
"...and after some years of silence....i decided to come back in the musical univers with electro songs made by myself with a very simply soft,
one of my dream, working for soundtracks tv or movie..

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day? 

ArenaCast Episode 37 Playlist

Week 23-30 September. 

ArenaCast Episode includes:


# Artist Track
1 DamagePerSecond Vultures
2 Debutant Disco Young Blood
3 Viviana Scarlassa Arrabal Amargo
4 RÓSA & The UltraTight With Or Without You
5 The Jessie Rose Trip Hurt
6 NewNobility Rebel Hero
7 J Stewen January
8 Luna's Fall Enclosure
9 Nic Henstridge In The Light
10 Jen Porter & The MFB Discarded

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

Featured Artist interview: Lola Parks (E36)

About: Lola Parks from Victoria (CA)
"Lola is smooth and funky, her onstage presence dynamic, her songwriting compelling, her sound ever-evolving, her voice immaculate. After a short hiatus from music to pursue academia, she is now able to dedicate all of her focus and energy on her musical career." (from official website)

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day? 
 I'd love to share a stage with John Mayer, harmonize vocally; Paul Simon would be amazing, so many would be fun: Ben Harper, Black Crowes, The Police, Holly Cole, Tragically Hip, Ani DiFranco, Bon Iver, anyone i could harmonize with, scat to or rock out with:)

3). What place in the world would you most like to visit with a gig/concert?
 I'd enjoy gigging at the Apollo or Carnegie Hall in NYC as well as playing around Nashville

4). What single song influenced you the most, or sticks out to you the most?
 A Song For You by The Carpenters holds a dear place in my heart 

Sep 22, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Anjelka (E36)

Every week we will post to this section brief interviews with artists featured in our podcast. And here we go with one of the talented R&R World newbies - Anjelka

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day?
- Well, I really do enjoy listening to a lot of different bands and singers from various genres, but when I was little like 3 or 4, the person who made be want to become a musician was Bill Haley. So for a long time I was very into early Rock 'n' Roll, and I gradually moved on to liking music from the from the '70's onwards, but I have never lost my love for that early Rock. My favourite bands are the Kinks, the Eagles, and Bread. The bands I'd most like to meet are the Kinks and the Eagles, then in terms of singers I would love to meet or perform with Buddy Holly, Billy Joel, Neil Young, and Katy Perry. (Yes I know Buddy's dead, but you did ask).
2). Tell us a funny story that has happened to you either at a live gig or in a practice...
- Well, some of my songs are intended to be a little funny, I haven't had a lot of funny things happen to me in relation to my music. I guess the funnniest thing is that a lot of people can't pronounce my name, so I've been called all sorts of things.

Sep 15, 2010

ArenaCast Episode 36 Playlist

Week 15-22 September -  ArenaCast Episode includes:



1Sophie HanlonAlice In Wonderland
2TedslivingroomSpring In Time
3The WigsKyane Ourane
4LolaparksTrouble With Me
5SeantmacleodBeautiful Star
6AlivegtkLet Me Be
7Laurent ChalefMetronova
9AnjelkaLost In The Moment (take My Heart And Chuck It)
10BrockmanxiiiLove In Life