Sep 24, 2010

Featured Artist interview: J Stewen (E37)

About: J Stewen ,Birmingham,UK
"Bristol girl (living in Birmingham atm) on a mission to get her music heard - recordings are basic but if you can get past that and hear the potential get in touch! the dream is to tour - not bothered about being famous as such (as in like pop stars - it's more about success and making a living out of what you love) - but would just love to get enough musicians together to turn my songs into an amazing deep and at times fun set and then go off to different countries and play those amazing sets :D " (from myspase)

1). Who was your hero during childhood? And what about now?
 She-ra - I don't have one hero anymore just anyone who is trying beyond their means get's my repect and admiration.
2). How much time do you spend sleeping?
I'm a crap sleeper, unless i get a lye in then about 5 but a lot of that is just dozing, if i get a lye in then about 10 lol
3). What season of the year is the most similar to your music?
I'm a winter girl so write most of my songs then.

4). Tell us the most impressive place you have ever been to?
Impressive? I don't really get impressed cause my expectations are never very high i just figure what it is it is...BUT The cure, rammstein and slipknot have all been turning points for me, seeing them live, and casey chaos once made me drink a pint of vodka at a gig years ago in Bristol, i think i got very drunk and said i was gonna kiss him at which point they packed up and left lol. Oh and Pittsburg usa - met a girl with an onion tatooed on her armpit :D
5). Tell us 3 favorite things to do and 3 things you hate to do.
Travel, have a random night out, one where everything just gels and keep writing and performing my songs. Dislike - wasteing time, going to the cinema and then people talking all the way through and not getting in to trouble for it cause then i have to intervene lol and just being around general rudness and snobbery cause there's no need for it.

Listen to: J Stewen - January

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