Sep 24, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Jeffrey Brockman (E36)

 About: Jeffrey Brockman Pordenone, Italy

"Most people call me Brock; feel free! When I was 12 years old I wrote my first poem. For my 16th birthday my father bought a Yamaha acoustic guitar at a pawn shop for $50. Nearly all the songs I have written have been with my beat-up guitar my father bought over a decade ago. My songs are written about life as it happens, experiences to learn from, love to grow with, and the world around us all. Just because life has taken us all down some rough avenues, they need not be pondered too much because the world around us is begging for attention! Life is good, let us enjoy it through music and capture every moment in our hearts. "

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day? 
I would love to play on stage with anyone from Jack Johnson to Tool to Ludacris and T.I.

2). Tell us a funny story that has happened to you either at a live gig or in a practice...
My previous band's music was a bit heavier and during one of the songs I forgot all my lyrics.  The guitarist saved me with an amazing solo until I remembered!

3). What place in the world would you most like to visit with a gig/concert?
I would love to play a gig in Venice Italy on the banks of the main canal.  Hyde Park in London, UK is also an amazing place! 

4). What single song influenced you the most, or sticks out to you the most?
There are so many artist that have influenced my music and my life that I could not possibly narrow it down to one.

5). When are you going to retire and if yes - what you're going to do then?
From music, NEVER!!!  From my current job, in 6 years.

Listen to:  Jeffrey Brockman - Love In Life

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