Sep 23, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Laurent Chalef (E36)

About: Laurent Chalef , France
"...and after some years of silence....i decided to come back in the musical univers with electro songs made by myself with a very simply soft,
one of my dream, working for soundtracks tv or movie..

1). Who would you like to meet/play on the same stage one day? 

2). Tell us a funny story that has happened to you either at a live gig or in a practice...
Une coupure générale de la lumiere de scene pendant l'enregistrement de notre 1er cd auto produit , nous avons continués à jouer malgré le peu de lumière pour finir le morceau
il figure d'ailleurs parmis les titres retenus pour le mix final ... 
(When we were recording our 1st cd, stage light turned off completely,
but we still continued playing, despite the light was not enough to
finish the part
however, it can be seen with the credits of the final mix. )
 3). What place in the world would you most like to visit with a gig/concert? 
The royal hall in UK 
 4). What single song influenced you the most, or sticks out to you the most?
Eleanor rigby, from the beatles 
 5). When are you going to retire and if yes - what you're going to do then? 
Never, as long i be able to ear to sound of bass drums...

Listen to: Laurent Chalef - Metronova

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