Sep 27, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Nic Henstridge (E37)

About: Nic Henstridge, Sydney, Australia

"A talented singer, songwriter, musician and performer Nic is approaching the completion of a Degree in Music at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, and has already played some great Sydney venues including The Basement, The Heritage (Bulli), Zeta Bar @ The Hilton and Opera Bar. After playing venues throughout Sydney as lead singer of successful underground band Nadati in 2007-2009, Nic has moved on from the group and is now writing solo and with Sydney guitarist Luke Heafey."

1). Who was your hero during childhood? And what about now?
I'm not sure I had a 'hero' when I was a kid, although when I was in my pre-teens Anthony Kiedis from the RHCPs was my idol. I think that carried through to my early teens too, I can remember dressing like him while I watched their early versions of video blogs. There was something inside me that resonated so deeply with musicians and I knew that's why I was here.
As for my current 'hero' or 'idol' that's a bit more complicated :)
If we're talking music, right at this point in time it would be Bon Iver (Justin Vernon). I am completely humbled and in awe of his first record 'For Emma, Forever Ago'. Not only the fact that he fully produced, wrote and recorded everything himself but that when he talks of the process, he refers to it as something that was so important to his spirituality and growth that he still can't really explain the true depth of it to his family or friends. That to me is the point of art, and I hope in my career that I can offer something as honest and beautiful as that to the world.
The other one would Kenny Werner, he is an amazing jazz pianist, who wrote the book 'Effortless Mastery', which changed my life and my relationship to music in countless ways. Forever grateful for his work.

2). How much time do you spend sleeping?

That depends.. Well no it doesn't actually, what is fluid are the time frames that the sleep occurs but generally I get 7-8 hours a night. Anymore or any less and I find that only half of me is here :)

3). What season of the year is the most similar to your music?
Mmm interesting question. I want to say Autumn, so we'll go with that.

4). Tell us the most impressive place you have ever been to?
Haha.. In a dream last week I flew a plane through some kind of time and space vortex and landed it (more like crashed it) on the beach of an alien planet. Does that count?

5). Tell us 3 favorite things to do and 3 things you hate to do.
Well I don't wanna come across as someone trying to be hip and new age but my three favourite things would be: Music, Meditation and my instrument (away from it too) and Health. My least favourite things would be: Going to clubs (pubs too if music is not involved), When my dog pisses on the carpet and Television.

Listen to: Nic Henstridge - In The Light

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