Oct 13, 2010

ArenaCast Episode 40 Playlist

Week  October  13 -20

ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Flyspoon Bad Monkey
2 Structurefails Anguish
3 Marvel Not Here
4 On Fractured Wings Shoot For The Moon
5 Trust The Hangman I
6 He The Deceiver Mislead
7 Alice In Wonderland Secret Of Our Love
8 Dimicandum Indigo Child (ep 2010)
9 Fun Fair On The Seashore
10 Nation Against The Oppressor The Order

 Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!


  1. Those "N.A.T.O" guys are the Perfect Blend of Melodic Death metal its like its reborn!!! i think my ears are bleeding a bit. and that's good!