Oct 12, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Detroit Scenic Waterways (E39)

About: Detroit Scenic Waterways

"Singer/Songwriter Detroit Scenic Waterways (Jonathan Robertson) was born in Richmond MI. Jonathan believes in the DIY way of doing things..."My voice is not perfect, I play a broken guitar and my harmonica playing is below average, but the songs I sing are about the people I love and respect." The new EP Wake Up! Sunshine was recorded in his home in Los Angeles"

1). Who was your hero during your childhood?And what about now? When I was 14 I found out who Hunter S Thompson was and from there he became my hero, as an adult It's still Hunter ( for speaking his mind) Bob Dylan ( for never giving up) and Jean Michel Basquate ( for showing people if your passionate enough people will pay attention)

2). How much time do you spend sleeping?
Sleeping, That depends if I'm working on a project I stay up way past 1am just day in and day out I'm sleeping by 11pm, I have a daughter who need to be at school in the mornings.

3). What season of the year is the most similar to your music?
My music is all Fall music, i's my fav season and I miss it every year..I'm from Detroit MI. but I live In Pasadena CA now

4). Tell us the most impressive place you have ever been to?
Most impressive place...I broke into the old Detroit Train Station and I was blown away and broken hearted at the same time How could a grand building like that go into such disrepair.

5). Tell us 3 favorite things to do and 3 things you hate to do.
3 things I like to do
1, go on day hikes with my daughter and wife
2, going to record stores and spending hours searching for new music
3, being on stage

3 things i hate to do
1, dishes
2, Getting up for work...I love my job it's just the getting my butt out of bed is the bad part
3,the 5 min before I go on stage..the min i'm up there all is good.

Listen to: Detroit Scenic Waterways - Happy

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