Oct 27, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Entropik (E41)

About: Entropik


1. physics.
A measure of the amount of disorder in a system

Derivative: entropic

1).How much time do you spend writing, performing, and listening to music each day?
We do little else! We run a music production partnership, so our time is taken up with composing, recording, listening (as much to our own work for quality control as to our favourite music), teaching (one of us is a cello and music theory tutor) and marketing.

2). What does your family think about your music?  
A mixture of supportive and ambivalent! Mostly supportive. 

3).What profession did you want to have when you were a child? Did you think that you would be a musician?
Yes! We both did.

4).What mood is the best for you to be in for writing music?
There’s quite a range that works for us in different ways: feeling melancholic can lead to that great outpouring of emotion. So long as we avoid being over-indulgent we get some great results. Feeling upbeat generally works well for more robust, confident sounding tracks. Being in a thoughtful frame of mind tends to lead to our more introspective/ dream-like tracks.

5).In three words, describe the emotional characteristics of your musical style.
Passionate, powerful, intense

Listen to: Entropik -29 Days Later

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