Oct 4, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Eric Palmer (E38)

About: Eric Palmer
 "I am guitar player, and for the last three years I've been playing different music, from folk and metal to techno and trance. I don’t want to stick to any certain style, always ready to experiment. I’m interested in everything that concerns music. Mikael Akerfeldt, Uwe Lulis, Robert Johnson, Peter Steele,Johan Edlund and Amanda Palmer had the greatest influence on me as a musician.I make an instrumental light-wave tracks which are filled with nightwalker's dreams, different sides of feeling and angsty sadness."

1). Who was your hero during your childhood? And what about now?

My hero in childhood was Elric, prince of Melnibone, eternal warrior. And till now I'm remaining a great fan of Moorcock.

2). How much time do you spend sleeping?

7-8 hours. It is enough for me.

3). What season of the year is the most similar to your music?

Evolving is an april music.

4). Tell us the most impressive place you have ever been to?

It was cave city Eski-Kermen. Mighty forpost of Emperor Theodoro in Crimea. I've been working geologist in the region, with the ruins of this city are.

5). Tell us your 3 favorite things to do, and 3 things you hate to do?

I like to eat German cuisine,visit cabaret-style parties, make new music
I hate to deal vith stupid people in web, doing dull things, struggle tramp dogs %)

Listen to: Eric Palmer - Kite's Feather

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