Oct 5, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Finn Anderson (E38)

About: Finn Anderson, from Perth, Scotland

"Someone pouring their heart out to a piano, I guess." Finn Anderson

1).Who was your hero during your childhood? And what about now?

My cd collection is such a mix of records and songs that I love and have been inspired by that it is impossible to name just one! Jeff Buckley and Elliot Smith are both people I would love to have met and, although this doesn't necessarily show, have been a massive influence in my music. I am a massive fan of both Bjork and Radiohead. 
I get inspiration and ideas not just from music but art, theatre, film and words and have heroes and people I admire in all these areas. My childhood is not really far enough in the past to comment on how I've changed... My 18th birthday has not long passed and I'm discovering new heroes every week!
2). How much time do you spend sleeping?
I enjoy sleeping... probably a little too much. I find it frustrating that a bed is always so comfy when you have to get out of it! I like getting up early enough to see the sunrise and going to bed when it's dark so I tend to sleep more in the winter. Sometimes dreams give the strangest song ideas!
3). What season of the year is the most similar to your music?
I love it when the days begin to get shorter and the leaves begin to change colour. I have never been much of a summer person... Maybe because we barely get one in Scotland! In Autumn and winter I'll sit at the piano with a hat, scarf and gloves on! Really love this time of year for writing and discovering new music.

4). Tell us the most impressive place you have ever been to?
When on holiday with my family some years ago, we went to see a piece of theatre. I don't remember much about the performance itself but the theatre in which it was performed was incredible! It was on top of a cliff and we were sat outdoors on raked stone seating and were facing out to sea. The stage was stone and the play was performed with the sea and sky as the backdrop, changing with the weather. It was beautiful and certainly impressive. I've always thought about doing a gig somewhere like this. There is something about performing outdoors and being at outdoor concerts...
5). Tell us your 3 favorite things to do, and 3 things you hate to do
Well I'll start with the hates because I hate questions like this! There aren't many things I dislike enough to say I hate them. I think it's an overused word.
One thing I really don't like is small talk... When people ask you how you are like it's not a question and hope you'll answer with a simple 'fine' (who can describe how they're feeling with fine?) Also when people expect you to be what you're not. I hate that.
I love walking... at night especially. I like meeting new people, seeing new places and enjoy discovering and learning new things. And music, of course. It's a great feeling when you can move someone in any way with your music and when people enjoy your music. I am at home when I'm writing and performing.

Listen to: Finn Anderson - Without you

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