Oct 22, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Getu Hirpo (E41)

 About: Getu Hirpo

"Getu had been performing music as a lead singer for 4 years with an Ethiopian group called "Yared" before he went to college to diversify his talent. His goal is to make a major breakthrough in the music industry globally with his own brand new style (New Sound) which is a winning combination of African and Western popular music.
Getu is currently recording his debut album in London UK. His new album 'Breakthrough' is expected to be completed in Dec 2010"

1). How much time do you spend writing, performing, and listening to music each day?
I spend up to 8 hours writing when I am in a writing mood. I listen to all kinds of music now and then but I listen to classical music every night cos that relaxes me and makes me sleep. I don't perform at the moment (I am unemployed recording artist)

2). What does your family think about your music? 
My family are very supportive in everything I do.

3). What profession did you want to have when you were a child? Did you think that you would be a musician?
When I was young I wanted to be an engineer as music was the least respected profession in Africa where I came from. I always loved music and used to write and perform from young age.

4). What mood is the best for you to be in for writing music?
I write music when I am in a creative mood specially when I alone at home.

5). In three words, describe the emotional characteristics of your musical style.
Joy, love and optimism

Listen to: Getu Hirpo - Feel it

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