Oct 1, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Rey de Picas (E38)

About: Rey de Picas.

"Rey de Picas" was born in July 2010 in the city brewer Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was formed by a group of friends from other bands ("La Turba", Eremitas de Vaterland") trying to piece together a formation 15 years ago, called "Rey Hard." At the start of trials found that they had learned much in all this time and they could do new things. And they did, they called the band "King of Spades" and are now at the stage of composition and rehearsal of his first album, to be called "The needle in the haystack."
In his particular musical style, it shows a strong Argentine influence of bands like "Divided" Patricio Rey and Ricotta redonditos "and" Balls.

1).Who was your hero during your childhood? And what about now?

Well, in my childhood, my hero was Spiderman. Now my hero is Ironman. (Although Dr. House also is a hero to me)

2). How much time do you spend sleeping?
Because of my work as an employee and my dedication to music, I still have few hours to rest. I sleep only 6 or 7 hours a day.

3). What season of the year is the most similar to your music?

It's definitely summer. In summer, life is more fun, we live more freely.

4). Tell us the most impressive place you have ever been to?
La Rambla in Barcelona was the most amazing place I've ever known. In this place breathes art. Definitely the most amazing place I've ever been.

5).Tell us your 3 favorite things to do, and 3 things you hate to do.
Among the favorite things I like to do are:
Playing guitar
Playing soccer
Barbecue with friends.

And I hate things to do are:
Doing paperwork
Waiting too long in the restaurant to serve me food.
Hate visits on Sundays.

Listen to: Rey de Picas - Mala Fortuna (Misfortune)


  1. I love this band!!! Really i liked so much!!! Lets go REY DE PICAS!!!

  2. The correct names of the bands that most influenced "Rey de Picas" are: "Divididos", "Patricio Rey y sus redonditos de ricota" y "Las Pelotas". all Argentine bands.