Nov 19, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Amelie Starr (E43)

About: Amelie Starr

"Hello,My name is Amelie Starr i enjoy writing my lyrics/performing and within 12 months i am so determined ill make it!!! i work so hard networking/writing my music and trying to put it ouththere for everyone to see.As i said i am determined/hard working/friendly & positive, "I WILL SUCCEED,HAHA!!"

1). Do you have a phobia? If yes - what?
My worst phobia is Heights its when i go on a Balcony or high stairs,fair ground rides that are very high.I nearly pass out its awful.

2). If you wouldn't have become an artist, what would you be?
If i wouldnt have gone into Music i would of been a dancer,Luckily i can still dance in this profession.

3). What is your "formula for success"?
My fomula for success is= Is determination/Believe in yourself/ And Fight against the odds never give up and try not take negative comments too personally!(Luckily everyone has been fabulous to me about my vocals and music)

4). If you had a chance to perform a live concert in any of these 3 countries: India, Congo, Iraq - what would it be and why?
The country i'd love to perform in India as i have alot of fans on facebook from India as i have 20,000 fans on my facebook in just over 6 months.

5). If you started a social networking project/website, what would you call it?
Amelie's Super Starrz website.

Listen to: Amelie Starr -  Vodka Girl


  1. Amelie Starr has a Heavenly ballad vocals,like an angel. with incredible dance moves and beauty to match a girl destined to be the next mega star!!!!!!

  2. Your fucking Rad,Luv Ya Chick!!! Jen x