Nov 23, 2010

Featured Artist interview: C.B.G Crowned to Be Great (E45)

About: C.B.G Crowned to Be Great  Miami, USA

"Miami, Florida - Crowned To Be Great (aka C.B.G.) is a duo group with members, McKenzie Corporal (aka Untamed) and Jeff St. George (aka JP) at the helm. Both were born and raised in Miami Dade County. In the beginning, however, there were 4 members with a group name of C.B.G. Cherry Bay Goons. But with the passing of one of their members, Charlie Bell (aka Scoot) and the departure of another member, the duo remained stead fast and continued their quest. Meeting D.C. Bryant on open mic night gave the duo that edge they needed. D.C. Bryant began to develop the group and that was the start of C.B.G’s new sound and new quest."

1). Do you have a phobia? If yes - what?
No we do not have any phobia that we no of we just some plan dudes that do everything with nothing making us scared

2). If you wouldn't have become an artist, what would you be?
If we was not doing music we would have been in the streets causing trouble looking for quick ways to get rich but then again our mom would of made us open our eyes then we would go back to school to be something

3). What is your "formula for success"?
The formula for success is of course work hard network and don't have a plan B because a plan B would just distract you from plan A you have to go full force with your goal and don't look back.

4). If you had a chance to perform a live concert in any of these 3 countries: India, Congo, Iraq - what would it be and why?
I would perform in India, cause I never seen how the music culture is in Congo and I do not want to get bomb by a suicide bommer while I'm on stage in Iraq lol. India seem more cool.

5). If you started a social networking project/website, what would you call it?
My social network website will be called The Network might be a little corny but it's what I had in my head at this time.

Listen to: C.B.G Crowned to Be Great - Rip It Up

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