Nov 16, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Ty Hannah (E44)

About: Ty Hannah 

"Ty Hannah is truly talented as a songwriter, actor and artist. Ty also has been recognized as Orlando, Florida's Spotlight artist of Power 95.3, in 2010 for his new single from the album "For the Love of Music" exposes Ty gaining head way as he is rising in the ranks.."
1). Do you have a phobia? If yes - what?
Ty Hannah:Yes my only phobia is Arachnophobia, spiders freak me out loool because of their bite, no matter how small or big or poisonous, they pack a dangerous and unwanted bite...

2). If you wouldn't have become an artist, what would you be?
Ty Hannah: If i wasn't an artist id most likely be a disc jockey.

3). What is your "formula for success"?
Ty Hannah: My formula for success is just to be natural and pure as i can be, because if you"re hated for who you are and liked for something your not, your still nothing in my eyes, so i maintain that creed and keep things moving.

4). If you had a chance to perform a live concert in any of these 3 countries: India, Congo, Iraq - what would it be and why?
Ty Hannah: I would love to perform live in Iraq, as we may know in the last decade we have had a lot of our friends family members their serving their country and i would like to reach those who may not have had a chance or opportunity to hear what i am bringing to the music game, in the live form versus internet. I love internet radio play etc. but nothing beats that live interaction..

5). If you started a social networking project/website, what would you call it?
Ty Hannah: Ty Hannah Inc. lol its funny because i have started a company geared towards the independent artist. It mainly assist them with the hassles of there paperwork that they may not have the time or patience to get done, but it still needs to get done, so my company will step in to fill that void..

Listen to: Ty Hannah - For The Love Of Music

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  1. Thank you for always beeing soo soo honest
    with your fans and always telling them the truth !!!
    Yours Sincerely
    Maria Jakopovic