Nov 1, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Maximus (E42)

About: Maximus from London

"Fell from mars, was found some where on earth unconscious with a microphone attached to his arm. Maximus was born to rap and will soon take his place in music history..." 

1). How much time do you spend writing, performing, and listening to music each day?
Im currently working as a model, I love producing and try to write at least one song a day, over the passed year I have done a few performances, but no where near the amount I would have liked to. I listen to music everyday, I sleep too music, music guides me through the day. 

2). What does your family think about your music?  
My family are very supportive and keep urging me to release more material and show the masses my talent, due to the current state of music I decided to take matters into my own hands and have just started my own independent label called 2Bad Records.

3). What profession did you want to have when you were a child? Did you think that you would be a musician? 
I have always wanted to be recognised as one of the best hiphop lyricists (A legend) since 1994 when I heard nas - Ill Matic.. and various Big L songs it pushed me to be creative and in a sense they where my teachers.

4). What mood is the best for you to be in for writing music? 
I like to write my music in a dark room lit by candles with the smell of incense in the air.

5). In three words, describe the emotional characteristics of your musical style.  
Motivated, sexual and passionate

Listen to: Maximus - Make Way Now

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