Nov 2, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Phil Stanmore (E42)

About: Phil Stanmore

"After 12+ years of writing, recording and performing music in the bands Sacred Ace & Ninety Seven, since the start of 2010, i had the itch to branch out into the unchartered waters of pursuing a solo career.
After many months writing and recording and getting over that initial hurdle, of my first solo performance, i'm looking to take things to the next level of gigging regularly and releasing an album in support..."

1). How much time do you spend writing, performing, and listening to music each day?
I spend about 2-3 hours a day, Monday through to Friday, writing and performing music, time I find in-between working a day job, though one day hopefully music will be my day job. At the weekend 7-8 hours a day. A lot of this time lately has been spent recording new music.
Re listening to music, any chance I get! Whether it’s discovering new music or re-living the classics! I have quite a big collection of cd's that i always like to revisit any chance i get.

2). What does your family think about your music?  
My family has always been very supportive of my music, my dad especially. He has been playing music for 40 years plus and has been a real inspiration to me. He helped develop my musical direction and helped me discover the music I listen to today, I owe a lot to him for this.

3). What profession did you want to have when you were a child? Did you think that you would be a musician?  
When I was young I always wanted to be an actor. It wasn’t till 1997 that that changed and my sights became firmly locked on music and being a singer / songwriter. Since then I haven’t looked back and it seems like it was always meant to be. It really came out of left field.

4). What mood is the best for you to be in for writing music?  
Being in a contemplative mood is best for me when writing music. It helps me to find the core of the song and fully express the meaning or message I’m trying to communicate.

5). In three words, describe the emotional characteristics of your musical style.   
Emotive, stirring & passionate

Listen to: Phil Stanmore - You're Not Alone

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