Dec 1, 2010

ArenaCast Episode 47 Playlist Cheers from Sunny Spain!

Hi guys! We have an exciting announcement for you regarding our podcast! We decided to try something new and special this week, so this episode of ArenaCast is dedicated to the music of Spain! Don't forget to check it out - we know you'll like it! We are planning to start doing episodes every couple of weeks that highlight the music from specific areas of the world, so instead of one podcast we will have two! Your country could be the next one!

Week December 1 - December 8
ArenaCast Episode includes:

Artist Track
1 3soncia Mas Que Nada
2 George Mileson I Wanna Be By Your Side
3 Machinetmusica Epic Sad Theme
4 Whiskey Another Lost Soul
5 Meera SeƱora Muerte
6 Dj Salim Dj Salim - Fabe - L Impertinance - Remix
7 PepeLux Alone In The Dark
8 Jaloes Stormy
9 Ef 303 The Ravers And The Moon
10 Jose Mora Zombie A (demo)

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!


  1. The numer 3 is amazing!

  2. Whiskey Another lost Soul is a great track, a really different feel to the track, I found more about the band and him here

  3. number 1, 3soncia is fantastic, a brilliant trio and it's great they are being featured beyond the borders of Spain. They are not new to jazz, rather they are an experienced trio with many years hard work on the madrid circuit.