Dec 21, 2010

Featured Artist interview: CenterPeace (E49)

About: Center Peace from Los Angeles

"The music of CenterPeace was written primarily by Dave Haddad, a professional drummer, producer/composer and studio owner in the Los Angeles. Through the process of developing his songs into their final forms, Dave decided to open up and collaborate with some of his closest musician and singer friends. It was through these relationships that the sound of CenterPeace was conceived and with persistence and professionalism at every level, Dave Haddad and his management team of loyal and capable companions are now bringing this unique 'world pop' sound from CenterPeace, to the masses."

1).How would you spend a million dollars if you had it?
I would buy more top of the line recording gear then record and release endless amounts of quality music. Oh and take an extended vacation to Australia.

2).What was the craziest thing to happen in your life?
I have played concerts in Iraq, Tajikistan, Korea, Turkey, Armenia and Dubai. I flew through Russia one time and was interrogated by the KGB hehehe, I'm sure they wanted money from me but I just played along and they finally had to release me after 2 hours of ridiculous questioning.

3).What kind of message is in your music? Why or for what reason do you write music?
I have one song about the environment, it's sung from the perspective of what Mother Earth might say if she could speak in words. Another song I have speaks of all the subliminal messages in the media today and how deceptive powerful people and big business can be. I sometimes write about global or social issues because I have a bit of the activist mentality however I do also write 'feel good' songs. I try to write with fresh and new ideas, with elements that are new or unusual in today’s mainstream music. I like to incorporate ethnic percussion and odd time signatures but make it feel and sound seamless and fluent.

4).What would you do if the world was going to end in 3 hours?
Probably sit and relax by my Koi pond with my lady and a glass of red wine.

5).If you were a professional sportsman, what sport would you play?
Baseball. It's still America's pastime.

Listen to: Center Peace - Generations

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