Dec 23, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Cool Ass Cris! (E48)

About: Cool Ass Cris! from Oakland, California

"Cool Ass Cris! 1/2 of the Group T.M.F! (aka) Tha Muthafuckaz! Started off in the Mid 90's with Platinum Group Digital Underground where he learned his music & business skills working with artist such as Shock G, Money B, 2 pac, The Luniz an many others, he has opened for such artist as Digital Underground, Too Short, Mack 10, Sir Mixalot and others. In 2000 he established his own Label Contagiouz Entertainment which he Released his group T.M.F!, Their first Album Chill Wit Us! was a 15 Track Banger that put him on the Local scene. The next album Skool Of Hard Knocks! left a mark that T.M.F! was here to stay, with the success of both albums the group decided to show their own unique style an release their own solo projects which brings us here his Debut Solo Album Cool Ass Cris! Tha Ghetto Messiah! He has Resurrected so all Fake ass, Artist & Producer's can Repent for their sin's of Wackness an Bullshit and music lover's can be saved from the False persona the Industry has led them to believe what is Hot, by leaving Real Rap & Artist out! 2010 The Ghetto Messiah shall Return"

1).How would you spend a million dollars if you had it?
Very,Very Slow, 1st Investing in my Label Contagiouz Entertainment & my artist, Recording,Marketing,Promo,etc.. Taking care of my household & family, then saving the rest until I make another Mill or 2.

2).What was the craziest thing to happen in your life?
Man that's too many stories to tell & too many Blunt's ago, but one thing That's crazy that I have noticed recently while working on this Solo project, I've been doing music since 92, I have met & know a lot of people in the business & everyone wants stardom,Fame and be successful & will put their all in it to achieve that, but it wasn't until I stopped working so hard & being focused on being successful or Rich & Famous & just did music for the Love & Passion I have for it, success has seemed to have found me, my Fans, e-mail, twitter, facebook, have grown greatly & I didn't do anything but the music I love, Now that's crazy.

3).What kind of message is in your music? Why or for what reason do you write music?
It depends on the song, but every song I do has some kind of message or a theme for my listeners, if it's Club track, social awareness, Gangsta or Freaky & Nasty, there's something in it, I would never do a meaningless track, that's just rhyming over a beat, which a lot of artist are doing, no depth,no substance, it's like Gumbo with no crab,shrimp or rice, Bar-b-que with no sauce, Peanut butter & Jelly with no peanut Butter, The cold thing is that Major Record Labels keep feeding society this shit & some of us accept what ever they feed us.
I write music because I'm a writer first, before music I wrote Poems, short stories, commercial spot's for radio, Movie scripts, R&B song's & Hooks for other artist, I have a very creative imagination & mixed with substance abuse issue's, & mental instability, makes for Great songwriting LOL!

4).What would you do if the world was going to end in 3 hours?
Spend every moment with my family & Love one's praying we will all be together in the after life.

5).If you were a professional sportsman, what sport would you play?
That's easy Baseball, They don't need to go to college to play,They Make a shit load of money, they don't do anything but stand around on the field & sit in the dug out during the summertime, They get to chew Tabbacco, & can play well into their 50's, it must be nice.

Listen to: Cool Ass Cris! - Put Yo Hands Up


  1. Well done, I am very impressed... Your #1 fan your girl Tee

  2. I love it, that's my baby. You have strived for your passion for so many years and with the confidence that you have in yourself son, you will make it. Love You Mom.....

  3. WOW!!! I didn't know you had a son and a artist too! Our Radio days paid off.
    Formerly Kinney Wright KDIA Radio Station!

  4. That's HOT! ... (Top Down, Flying down PCH)

    ♫♪♪♫ Jerone ♫♪♪♫