Dec 3, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Whiskey (E47)

About: Whiskey from Tenerife

"I am the lead guitarist from The Traveller Blues Band...I write the material for the band and rearrange the songs we play from popular artists. I lay Slide Guitar, Weissenborne, Trumpet and cigar box blues..."

1). How would you spend a million dollars if you had it?
I would do the things I wanted but not go crazy probably spend 250k the usual new car, new car for the wife, pay off my house and treat the kids to disney land and Lapland! if it went that far, depends on what car lol..
The rest I would invest into internet franchise ideas.

2). What was the craziest thing to happen in your life?
Meeting and marrying my beautiful wife, and then watching my three amazing boys being born..... 

3). What kind of message is in your music? Why or for what reason do you write music?
There are two sides of my music, one is my fury of the world, and the way it hides behind politicians and views when the whole world should just tell us the truth, songs like Black Veil, and the World Can sing, are typical rants of my true feelings on these subjects....
The other side, is my council, music has helped me understand many situations I have experienced, good and bad, love and hate, and writing helps me to deal with them.

4). What would you do if the world was going to end in 3 hours?
Have a huge great meal with my family...

5). If you were a professional sportsman, what sport would you play?

Listen to: Whiskey - Another Lost Soul

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