Jan 6, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 52 Playlist

Week January 5 - January12
This week: Why EMI renew contract with pink floyd? How to release the perfect album? What's going on with HMV stores? All the answers are here, in the 52th episode of ArenaCast.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

1 Nitrobillies Who Was That Cat?
2 Berthe Trepat Escenas
3 Voice Of Addiction September Remembered
4 Vanattica Ready, Set, Stop!
5 Zen2muZ Plastic
6 Laurier Tiernan The End Of The World
7 Plastic Soul Band Brand New Day
8 Go Green Japanglish Rock
9 Bola Go On
10 Sioum Drifting Away

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!


  1. yeah! Nitrobillies rule! ;)
    true rockabilly

  2. Wow, I think the Nitrobillies are the coolest thing i've heard in a long long time!!! Keep on rockin guys!!!!!

  3. the best luck!!!! Berthe Trepat

    Lili Jalili (besos la magia por siempre Eliud!!)

  4. aaa huevo, que raro se siente muchas gracias eliud gux liz.

    keep in .peace. samy.

  5. felicidades Berthe Trepat!!! se siente chido!!!