Jan 27, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Deni (E55)

About: Deni from Mexico

"From Culiacán, Sinaloa; México, with an international collection mixing styles like jazz, easy listening, bossanova and pop, Dení has captivated a select audience from all over the world, with her soft and candid voice.
Starts in music as a singer around 90´s and because of her passion for singing, she became a wonderful performer offering themes in different languages like spanish, english, french, italian and portuguese."

1). How would you spend a million dollars if you had it?
Investment and I would use it to create charity centers to help a lot of people and work centers too.

2). What was the craziest thing to happen in your life?
Jumping from the bungee

3). What kind of message is in your music?
Why or for what reason do you write music?
to get closer to people's heart and do some conciousness about the good things in live

4). What would you do if the world was going to end in 3 hours?
Pray,love and sing!

5). If you were a professional sportsman, what sport would you play?

Listen to: Deni - All Of Me

1 comment:

  1. Mis sinceras felicitaciones, mi siempre talentosa y bella Dení, es un orgullo tenerte como amiga.
    Toda la Felicidad y el Exito del mundo para ti.
    Un abrazo y un beso....
    Hasta siempre!!!
    Victor Guerrero