Feb 10, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 57 Playlist

Week February 9- February 16
This week: How to get better sound and video quality on YouTube, why Miles Davis is forever alive, and what Jessie J did - all this in our 57th episode!
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Atomize Downgrading The Creation
2 Doomrider Dimensional Distortion
3 Deadman's Hand Evil Underground
4 Wapppetona Wapppetona
5 Luge On Line Tell Me
6 Sarna Obstinado En El Oasis
7 Beneath The Stares Guilty Bystander
8 David Flow Asteroid Gig
9 Carlos Jimmont Mortem
10 Jesus Canibal Mercenario

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. where did wappp come from as her music and recording is universally out of this world just so individualize and sensationally creative!