Feb 25, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Ackade (E59)

About: Ackade from Windsor, Canada

"I have been doing my music for a while now, 11 years to be exact and i was influenced by a lot of hiphop artist from the late 90s and the new school hiphop. it all started as poems and then channeled to music.
music is my life coz thats all i think of all day long. every where i go i always have new ideas of how to make music with everything i see.
um currently enrolled in the University doing my first year in Engineering and also working on my first ever mixtape, which i am almost done with, when i get a free time from school work.
My sound is different from all that is already in the music industry because i mix different cultures to cum up with it and thats what make me. i dont believe in only one sound, one has to be diverse so as to cater for every listener no matter which part of the world.
um currently working on a mixtape tittled DAY DREAMING, with tracks in a little bit of Spanish, French, my native languges but mostly English"

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
i would want to live in Brazil during summer season coz its beautiful during that time

2). What is your favorite month and why?
My favorite month is January coz i was born on that month, so it kind takes me back to the days i was little and used to rap over 2PAC's tracks which i knew by heart

3). At what time of the day do you usually prefer to write your music?
every given time of the day coz ideas come to me during ma daily routine or schedule

4).What is your favorite instrument and why?
i love the drums even though i cant play them i just love the sound the produce

5).What is your favorite drink?
my favorite drink is sprite

Listen to: Ackade - Motivation ft T-Pain

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