Feb 3, 2011

Featured Artist interview: ANJEZA (E55)

About: ANJEZA from Los Angeles

"ANJEZA pronounced ANYEZA was born in Albania. Her passion for singing started at age 13 when she started dancing. " Dancing alone was missing something" she says. After dancing professionally for 10 years and traveling around Europe, Anjeza moved to U.S to pursue her dream (sing/act) 
Traveling, experiences, social and cultural shocks have not stopped Anjeza in pursuing her dream. On the contrary, all her life experiences has helped her connect more to music and write her own lyrics. "Let Music Tell the Truth " is one of her moto. This talented, professional, hardworking young lady is well on her way to the top!!!

1).How would you spend a million dollars if you had it?
That will depend on my career stage at that moment.
If I am established, touring, have a huge following base and fans, then that money would completely be used to establish my non - profit organization BECHLEM*, an organization that aims to make a difference in the life of poor, uneducated, and abused children. If I had that amount of money and I am not established, I would use 2/3 to invest in my career by having control on my direction and artistic identity, and 1/3 I would invest in my organization.

2).What was the craziest thing to happen in your life?

My brother met my doppelganger . He lives in NY and I live in LA. When she walked in the restaurant he works, he thought “Why did my sister come here without notice’”? Then he realized it wasn’t me. He took a picture with his cell phone trying to explain to the girl about his sister without sounding a freak, or that he was using a pick up line.
I saw the pictures. She has my face, eyes, nose and smile. We are beyond twins. It is scary. The only difference is her body image. She is more round while I am more cut and sharp (result of dancing experience) When my brother went home, he showed the pictures to my mom. My mom said “Where did you get this picture of Anjeza”? Not even my mom recognized that she wasn’t me. I want to meet her. She never went to the same restaurant again. I read a bit about the background of doopelgangers. According to the mythology, all people have a doopelganger, most of the time they have opposite characters and values.It’s differently called your evil twin. It is also said then when they meet, one of them has to disappear. Not much of a mythology person, but I would really like to meet her.

3).What kind of message is in your music? Why or for what reason do you write music?
“My music is my inner voice. The mirror of this world. That’s where you’ll find your name. That’s where you’ll find my thoughts” -Anjeza
One of my motto is “Let music tell the truth”. It’s my artistic tool to tell people what I feel. However, my songs are not strictly based on my life , but also on that of the others. For example, One of my latest single “Still Believe” was inspired by many people I have met in my life that lost faith and wanted to give up in life, love and new opportunities. I listen. I care. And I try to help. Meanwhile, my brain and heart serves as a sponge. They keep absorbing, until they finally express it all in an artistic way. Also, my other single “Fuego” is based on someone in my life. I am just so glad that I have the opportunity to turn all these experiences into work for my career.
Since a child, I had this odd quality of speaking in metaphors and similes. And now is getting worse. Every time I express myself now, It has to be deep and compared, artistically expressed or juxtaposed with something else. It’s not that I try. Is just who I am. It’s kinda of frustrating for some, but also fun for me. It is almost like I am speaking a foreign language.
My goal in music is this: I already know the Z of the alphabet, while I am living and experiencing the C, D and E. I dream big because I have faith in me, I have faith in what God has created and planned me to be. I am glad to say that these years of work have taught me one important thing. “Who Is ANJEZA? and Where does she want to go?”
This is something I will never compromise. Not for money nor fame nor any earthly promise for having the best life ever. Nothing in this earth is appealing enough to make me loose my soul and heart. When I started my career, and “producers/managers” would come and flash their work and title in my face, they made me intimidated and I was eager to just work with them and not be myself. I am way passed that. And I am glad to stand up and be me. The way I see it is: No matter where they are or where I am, we are all humans and we should treat each other the same way. Status is an illusion. Can be here today. Can be gone tomorrow. I appreciate the humility and working with a person that has a soul and a drive to make a difference.
Being true to me is the most important lesson that I learned. I have been dancing for 13 years. Therefore a pop upbeat sound is crucial to my image. The songwriter in me likes to have deep, truthful and inspiring lyrics. An intertwine in pop/dance music and significant lyrics Is what ANJEZA stands for. Knowing that my music inspires, strengthens and entertains my audience, is what I live for as an artist.

4).What would you do if the world was going to end in 3 hours?

I would create an event and invite all the people I love and spend those three last hours together. I believe nothing in this world beats love, not even the end of the world. If we have love for each other and unity, we can easily overcome anything in our life, including going through another dimension of life.
The event would not have alcohol nor be a crazy party, rather we would all talk and reminisce on our memories and the way we influenced each other life.
We would laugh a lot and maybe have tears of happiness. And it would all be perfect.

5).If you were a professional sportsman, what sport would you play?
I love synchronized swimming and ice skating. Synchronized swimming is so elegant, so beautiful, so classy and strong. Every inch of movement has a meaning , a destination, a goal to deliver. Is just so sharp and it fits my personality. Ice skating is fun to watch. It is breath taking doing a triple pirouette in the air...(going through those emotions) and then landing gracefully with an accomplished attitude.

Listen to: ANJEZA - The One

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