Feb 14, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Beneath the Stares (E57)

About: Beneath the Stares from Chicago

"Beneath the Stares creates a unique blend of progressive, heavy, melodic music with artistic sensibility.
Long-time Chicago musicians Erik Oldman (Avernus, Stunato, Radar, Sons of Ra), Bill Hamning (Avernus, Urn, Electric Hellfire Club), Lisa LoGrasso (Stunato, The 28th Day), and Yorg Rinker (Tools of Ignorance) merged their diverse talents to create a progressive music both challenges and engages the listener as Beneath the Stares.
Beneath The Stares comes from the tradition of adventurous, dramatic, cohesive well-crafted songs in the style of Queen and Genesis, balanced with memorable hooks in the style of Muse, the ambience of Radiohead, the artistic sensibility of Bjork, and pummeling rhythms and blistering guitarwork reminscent of Opeth. Drawing from such a wide variety of musical influences while forging a distinct musical identity makes Beneath The Stares a truly unique act to experience live.
The band is currently writing and self-producing its first album, lining up shows and festivals around Chicago for 2010 and is looking forward to establish itself as a major force amongst the new wave of talent in Chicago's music scene."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I'm pretty happy with where I'm at, although Chicago winters seem to be effecting me more than they have in the past...So somewhere warmer would be nice for a change of pace - maybe Austin or on the west coast.
There's no time like the present.
I don't believe in living in the past.

2). What is your favorite month and why?
October - its a beautiful month, the change of colors with the season. It's not too hot nor too cold.

3). At what time of the day do you usually prefer to write your music?
I'm always working stuff out in my head through out the day, but there seems to be a point of critical mass with music around 5 at night when I'm in the car and around 1-2 in the morning, when everything else is done for the day.

4).What is your favorite instrument and why?
The guitar. it just is, and has been for a long time. I guess its because its always there, and doesn't say no. I've been playing for a long time so, I can't really picture life without it.

5).What is your favorite drink?

Listen to: Beneath the Stares - Guilty Bystander

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