Feb 11, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Doomrider (E57)

About: Doomrider from Sweden

"Music is the most personal thing for me, because I believe it puts your soul on display for everyone to see.
The concepts created come from the heart of the composer.
It should give the composer the feeling of his/her inner vibes and no one can take that away.
Always follow what you believe in and never give up on your dreams no matter what ANYONE says. Remember we are all part of the same world; NO ONE is above YOU so BE strong, BE an individual, find yourself and BE yourself."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?

2). What is your favorite month and why?
October, because that's when I was born, not too hot, not too cold, just the way I like it!

3). At what time of the day do you usually prefer to write your music?
I get ideas in my head all the time then and I just sing into my phone, but I enjoy around mid day most to really sit down and get into it all. but I usually don't have time until around midnight.

4).What is your favorite instrument and why?
Fav instrument huh? hmm, I guess it would have to be the electric guitar. it can do so much and is a powerful tool.

5).What is your favorite drink?
PEPSI MAX!!!! max taste no suger! need I say more LOL!

Listen to: Doomrider - Dimensional Distortion

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