Mar 31, 2011

Featured Artist interview: The Attack Of The Brain Eaters (E64)

About: The Attack Of The Brain Eaters from Oviedo, Spain

"We came from other bands, and these bands didn't look like this. We train, we recorded, and we played all that we could. We want to do this for a long time, we promise. We love the type of music that we are playing, but you would really never say that. Be careful,we want more."

1). What is the funniest joke you've had with your friends?
I rememeber the time we slept with 10 hot girls. ok, that is a joke

Mar 30, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 64 Playlist

Week March 30 - April 6
This week: This weeks episode highlights new album releases from Radiohead, Britney Spears, Panic! at the Disco, Sum 41, Wiz Khalifa and Within Temptation. 10 songs are played by artists from New Zealand, Romania, America and the United Kingdom.
Also this week we have a really crazy questions for the participants! Happy Fool's Day ;)
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 The Attack Of The Brain Eaters Behind My Steps
2 Far Too Fabulous Storm in my Teacup
3 3rd Machine Urban Madness
4 The Amsterdams Country Holiday
5 A.C.E. Life of the Party
6 Steve Donnelly Whatever Remains
7 Methedreame One Last Kiss
8 Ioan Budu S
9 Social Reject Lost In Time
10 Benni Boom Blame It On the Rap Game

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Featured Artist interview: C.T. (E63)

About: С.T.

"I refuse to be denied, looked over or pushed aside. I am the future of hiphop and I dont care who not with it. Soon everyone will know the name C.T.!"

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
I would have to say the most entertaining and only instrument I have learned how to play would have to be the saxophone.

2). What has been the biggest challenge in your life? 
My biggest challenge that I have had to face is myself. I am a very impulsive person and it has gotten me in a lot of trouble in the past so I've had to actually work on that.

Mar 29, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Angel Rock (E63)

About: AngelRock

"I started out playing in an all girls band in Christchurch New Zealand in 1981. The band was called 25cents. Only 1 45"Vinyl was made, of 300 copies. One of these sold on TradeMe a couple of years ago for $6oo. Unbelieveable,there are some serious collectors out there!.I was the only one in the group who could write songs, but the least talented in playing the guitar, but because I could write, they let me in on the recording, as they needed an original song for side a. So my first song ever written was:Don't Deceive Me, side a on that 45". It was marketed by Flying Nun. I have reproduced this as an instrumental on my new This Time Album. I will put that up this week on R& R. I became a recluse for 27 years due to illness but continued to write and 27 years later I started recording again in Christchurch for a Tribute Album to the Music of that era (1981).Please see posters in my Photo Album regarding this. I came up with the idea of a 1981 (30thAnniversary)reunion night and Lis from The Sliders put the word out, and bands/muso's arrived from all over NZ and we played the night out at The Wunder Bar,Lyttleton,Christchurch, 2 weeks before the big earthquake(6th Feb 2011).Now phantom Billstickers are sponsoring marketing the album around the country, for our Reunion CD and My 1981 Tribute Album is going up along side it.We are giving 50% of proceeds from any sales to the Earthquake Relief Fund. I havent sorted out distribution yet, but Im waiting on advice. Any advice welcome!The Albums are being remastered at Nightshift Studio,Christchurch, as I speak. I would love to be signed up again under a reputable record Label."

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
My fav is the guitar due to the effects that are available

Mar 28, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Official Capital Boyz (E63)

About: Official Capital Boyz from Wellington, New Zealand

"These are two young upcoming hip hop artists who have found a passion for music and understand its language in every way. Etai Kaisa aka EnSanne and Bheki Mkandla aka BSK came half way accross the world a few years ago from Zimbabwe. As african kids who have a great passion for music they started music at a young age after being together and finding out how much talent they have when they join their tallents together. Currenlty living in New Zealand, Wellington they began to work in a little home studio for many hours trying to perfect the tallent they discoverd and make the good music that they want everyone to listen to, with the realese of " I Like Her " Capital Boyz got great feedback and thats when they knew they werent waisting their time since then they have never seen anyway either than up and there aint no ceilling and no roof top. Capital Boyz are now currently working on many projects with Rosco Records doing shows, tracks and many other great things and also working with Lostproperty Entertainment a great team of rappers, producers, engineers etc. Stay tuned because what you are witnessing right now is the creation of the best upcoming group artists who will blow your mind with every single song that they realease and that is a gaurantee.
Still seen as rookies in this game but we have so much big things to offer, Representing Africa as a Nation."

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
In our opinion we think that the most wildest/fun instrument to play is the saxophone that instrument has the power and ability to move get the attention of someone no matter what. The saxophone is one of the instruments we think is the hardest but once you get it and when you play it it sounds so good. We dont play the saxophone to be honest but we just admire any person that has the ability to play it.

Mar 25, 2011

Featured Artist interview:RAYANG (E63)

About: RAYANG from Innsbruck, Austria

In 1995 RAYANG devoted his life to music. His enthusiasm and love for music inspired RAYANG to write songs and create sounds. In 1996, RAYANG started a 3-month tour through Italy as a street musician. This tour was the best opportunity for RAYANG to learn playing music in front of an audience. After the tour RAYANG founded a band called TIMEHOLE. After the break of the band in 1998 RAYANG started to work with 2 bands as a lead-vocalist, at least for one year. In 1999 RAYANG started his solo project, writing and recording songs in his own little homestudio. 2002 was the year of birth for the band RAYANG, named for him. 2004 after the end of the band.RAYANG is working on new songs and sounds. RAYANG is a singer songwriter. He his autodidact on guitar, vocals,keyboard, bass and computer.

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
My favorite instrument was and ist he guitar, I play it over 30 years and use it also for the most keyboard,string, effect parts, that makes a lot more fun and it gives the sound an own style and feeling.I play accustic, electric, semiaccustic guitars so theres a very great spectrum of sounds to experiment with.

Mar 23, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 63 Playlist

Week March 23 - March30
This week: This episode features artists from Brazil, San Francisco, New Zealand, Austria and more. New releases from Duran Duran, The Strokes, Jennifer Hudson, James Blake, and Yellowcard, as well as a discussion on Rebecca Black and her song "Friday"
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Official Capital Boyz Romance You
2 Keldamuzik Boo Thang
3 Palorus Jack Oh Girl
4 Arthur Medeiros Road To Pombal
5 AngelRock This Time
6 C.T. On The Air
7 Skull Teeth Silent Steal
8 Harmony GS Going Up Yonder
9 Rayang Dune
10 Scott Brunelle Touch Your Toes

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Featured Artist interview: Antti Kuosmanen & Kromatut Kuninkaat (E62)

About: Antti Kuosmanen & Kromatut Kuninkaat

"Antti Kuosmanen and Kromatut Kuninkaat is the Finnish rock band. Band had begun as a cover band and later band took as its singer Antti Kuosmanen on which already an earlier credit was working as a singer/songwriter and as a recording artiste. The band welded fast to his one present form and plays own material nowadays. The music is modern pop/rock in which deeper tones can be found in addition to the adhesion thanks to their multi-storey texts."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
In Hollywood Usa at 1980-1989

Featured Artist interview:The Kubrick Cats (E62)

About: The Kubrick Cats from Kiev,Ukraine.

"The Kubrick Cats band was born in May 2010 by musicians with different experience and tastes in music, but equally crazy and wishing to create something new for the country.
In our music we try not to stay within limits of any style, always experimenting and following our hearts, so here you can find guitar usual for blues-rock and metal, noble grand piano, bold sound of accordion and snappy rhythm with bass and drums. All this is spiced with three different vocals, irony in lyrics and light shade of decadence cabaret madness that is always ready for something new and for switching from blues to fun."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
Kite: I think that I was born exactly when and where it was needed.
Korvin: As for me, it seems to be that our century is quite comfortable time for me to live) Maybe also it will be interesting to live in the beginning of the XX century. And what about country... Maybe Chech Republic, or France.
Merki: Burgundy in France, end of 11th century.

Mar 21, 2011

Featured Artist inteview: Spring And The Land (E62)

About: Spring And The Land from Graz, Austria.

"Spring And The Land paint glimpses of life with songs expressing
the fine line between all emotions. Their powerful blend of melody and melancholic, heartfelt flavour raise the hope that the future is always brighter. "It was spring and the land was pure and warm, and I think I would disappear for a week at a time, but I'll always return sooner or later..." Jacques Bush and Marino Acapulco (former dogboy!) come up, now rougher, with spring and the land to guide you to their own sonic barbecue of living.

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
We thing the here and now is quite ok for our demands :)

Mar 18, 2011

Featured Artist inteview: Doris Cales (E62)

About: Doris Cales from Brooklyn

"Born in Brooklyn, New York I have been a part of the music world from a very early age. My mother was a dancer and my brother's and sisters were all excellent "doowop" singers. I have been living in Europe for a number of years where I have had the opportunity to perform in many of the foremost jazz festivals. I am now back in my city, New York, promoting my latest album. "DORIS CALES...AND ALL THAT JAZZ" and I'm just very happy to be back home."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I think I'm living in the country and the time I like.

Featured Artist inteview: Hannu Lepisto (E62)

About: Hannu Lepisto from Helsinki

"Hannu wrote songs about his journey from divorce to his addictions, to his knocks on heaven’s door and finding new love in his life. Then he decided to let go of the band. It was time to fulfill his biggest dream and go solo.
So he started working in the studio with his ever-loyal companion Petteri Mård, recording acoustic based tracks and soundscapes. Later in 2009 he signed to a newly formed Helsinki based family label Homeward Records Oy.
For the drums, percussion and bass Hannu wanted the best and got the best. The legendary Michael Blair (Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello) came back on board, as well as Ulf Rockis Ivarsson (Thåström, Nicolai Dunger). They jumped on the wagon as rhythm section and producers for this new batch of personal and emotionally direct songs.
The Helsinki-Stockholm-New York connection strengthened already when Ollie Olson took a mixing engineer’s hard job. The process of these two years of making Hannu’s debut has been pure delight in it’s ups and downs and heavens and hells.
And as a climax Howie Weinberg has mastered the tracks at the legendary Masterdisk, N.Y.C., U.S.A. (with Matthew Agoglia).
Hannu's dream has come true."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I like living here in Finland at this time we have, with all of its threat. Safe and clean place. All the Western European countries and North-American countries; U.S.A. & Canada would be all right.
Though it would be great to have timetravel to Palestine & Israel area to see the time Jesus gathered masses and to hear his speeches and to follow and see his actions / acts.

Mar 17, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 62 Playlist

Week March 16 - March 23
This week: This episode highlights songs of the indie pop, hip hop, rock, ska and even latin jazz genres by artists from the Ukraine, the US, Italy, and many more countries. New album releases from Travis Barker, The Naked and Famous, Rise Against and The Vaccines are discussed, as well as tips for bands creating music videos on a budget.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 The Kubrick Cats Seek And Hide
2 Skabrosi Band Si Attassa
3 Hannu Lepisto Wild Girl
4 Antti Kuosmanen & Kromatut Kuninkaat Musta Madonna
5 Odame Honesty
6 Cesar Brito Instrumental
7 Spring And The Land The Outside
8 Doris Cales Soft And Mellow
9 Alba Sun You Know Who I Am
10 Michael Knox Liverbeast

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Featured Artist interview: BR and TIMEBOMB (E61)

About: BR and TIMEBOMB

"BR is a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, New York. BR (Beyond Recognition) has developed a cool, energetic and focused style over his years working both with other groups and on his own. BR put together TIMEBOMB, a seven-piece band, in 2002. BR and TIMEBOMB have performed at a number of venues in and around New York City, including Studio 54, Webster Hall, Union Square Park, NAMA (New Amsterdam Musical Association), the National Black Theater and The Apollo Theater; and have ventured out of NYC to clubs in NJ, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Hofstra University on Long Island and Oberlin College in Ohio.TIMEBOMB features Olivia Martinez (violin/viola), Jibrail Nor (drums), Shanelle D. Jenkins (trumpet), Karnage (lead Guitar) and Stacy Beatty, Jr. (bass).
These talented musicians have experience with a wide range of musical styles. Timebomb combines R&B, rock, reggae, funk, Soul, jazz, classical and pop to create music that is strictly hip-hop. Fans of the band have compared BR and Timebomb to OutKast, The Roots, the Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West and Earth, Wind & Fire. BR and Timebomb is a unique combination of their greatest influences.
BR and TIMEBOMB released their first full length album, “Believe in Something (Greater Than Yourself)”, last year and they recently released an EP, “Time Is Now”. They are working on their next album, as well as touring throughout New York City and along the East Coast"

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
If not New York City right now, then New York in the 80s or 70s. 

Mar 15, 2011

Featured Artist interview: IZZO FLII (E61)

About: Izzo Flii

"Queens Raised and Brooklyn Bred" Darnell "Izzo Flii" Howerton is a wave of new energy sweeping through the NY music scene . Described as a raw talent with an inventive mind to pull from. His laid back nature and cool sense of humor mixed with a love for the creative and off beat belie a combination of edgy lyricism and consuming mic presence. Hungry to establish his name he released DIIG D33P in Fall of 2009 believing good music would speak for itself. Sure enough the music spoke sparking multiple interviews, features and mixtape appearances. Highlights of which included: a co-sign from the legendary DJ Scratch , performances opening for the likes of Jae Millz and Fred Da Godson and placements on Wu-Tang Management's internationally distributed Stainless Series mixtapes. On Feb 3 , 2011 Izzo released Diig Deep vol.2 : The Abdomen , with word being that he had far exceeded its predecessor and upped his own caliber as an artist. Thus, the story begins once more as he welcomes one and all to Diig Deep season..."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I couldnt choose Im happy living in the moment NY head to the fullest. I like to travel and soak in new cultures though!

Mar 14, 2011

Featured Artist interview:Wise Dome (E61)

About: Wise Dome

"...All the time Bill spent growing as an artist and a person has helped him find a home with Love Bandit Records. At LBR he gets respect on creative and personal levels that is hard to find in the music world. In the roughly 10 years he has spent working on music, he has met a lot of critics and people that go to great length to put walls between him and his success.
Love Bandit is a collection of strengths that allow the artists to playoff each other and find unity amidst the conflict of the music world.
Bill Mclarnon spent so many years living in a great place that he has constructed for himself by prioritizing what is important to him. Sometimes he forgets the dark times in his life, but he realizes that there are others still stuck in destructive environments. He doesn’t forget about the others. He reaches out to them with his lyrics and the example he sets. His arms
open to them, and he knows it’s never too late. There is always time to take control..."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I would live here and now. I love this experience and will continue with it until it's done.

Featured Artist interview: Fresh (E61)

About: Fresh

"...Christopher J. Brodie better known by his stage name Fresh is an American rapper, songwriter, performer and designer. He began his career in January 2010 where he signed a record deal with Sea Note Entertainment. He now plans to release his debut album, A Fresh Start on January 1st 2011.
Fresh was born and raised in New York. As a young child he played in his school’s band and father’s church as a percussionist. Fresh began his career performing in many Open Mic shows throughout New York City. The Open Mic shows provide an opportunity for aspiring artists to gain experience performing to live audiences. Receiving positive feedback at all times, Fresh strived to be the best performer he can possibly be...

...Currently Fresh is preparing for a six state two country tour starting in January. His tour will end in April with the last destination of Jamaica..."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
If I had to choose, I would live in the usa, right now in Miami, Florida!

Mar 11, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Rico D Writer (E61)

About: Rico D Writer

"Rico "RicoDWriter" Baylor an accomplished, Songwriter/Arranger/Poet/Writer resides in Houston, Texas by way of Shreveport, Louisiana. Rico is a music industry executive as an A/R Rep for Vevaci Entertainment/Universal Music Distribution Group and the CEO & Founder of F.O.Y. Artist Management Firm, Inc. Rico is emerging as an industry leader in Songwriting & Arranging as he pens songs across genre lines. RicoDWriter is an ecclectic fusion of music and music stylings! He states some of his major influences are Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Michael McDonald, The Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, George Duke, Joe Sample, The Manhattan Transfer, Sarah Vaughn, Debarge, Ella Fitzgerald, Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack, and many more artist! RicoDWriter "Welcome to my Instrumentation of Music Intepretation..."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
If I had to choose a different country it would have to be London, it's a nice progressive country, It Loves Music and Music Expression.

Featured Artist inteview: JuniorKOS (E61)

About: JuniorKOS from USA

"Alvaro "Junior" Cadavid is a 23 year old entrepreneur. He was born in New Hampshire, raised just outside of Hartford, Connecticut, further educated right outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and is now finishing up school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, while also building an empire along side two childhood friends, Papa-yaw "Proper" Bediako and Charles "Charlie Brown" Rhinehart. Hard work, motivation, persistance, and positive attitudes are common traits among this trio. They are Kosent Music Group. KMG recently released Junior's debut album, "Backpack Journey", which is a soundtrack to the journey that has just began to scrape the surface of the wonderful stories that many can relate to; ranging from failure and self worth to recognizing the road of which we are destined to travel. Now Although we may not travel the same roads, or go through the same struggles, the lessons that are learned and the knowledge that is passed down is what remains most important."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I'm not too picky but honestly I have a love for England in the late 60's and 70's

Mar 10, 2011

Featured Artist interview: MALIKSTONE (E61)


"...Creative, lyrically ingenious, thought provoking, a breath of fresh air. These are just a few words that come to mind after listening to Malik Stone. Stone’s delivery and soulful vibes will undoubtedly prove him to be one of the greatest artists to ever grace the mic. Born in Hampton , Virginia , and brought up all along the east coast from New York to North Carolina , Malik Stone isn’t cut from the same cloth as today’s performers. Stone comes from very humble beginnings and always knew music was his true calling. He never questioned his ability to rap but knew he wanted to be more than a rapper. Now with mastered lyrical talent, an amazing ear for what hip hop fans want to hear, and remarkable confidence, MalikStone has emerged a true hip hop genius His flow on each track incorporates elements of jazz, old school hip hop, funk, and an eclectic sound all his own. The vibe of his music can be compared to the likes of George Clinton, Sly and the Family Stone, Black Moon, and The Roots who, like Stone, pride themselves on being true to their own self-expression..." 

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I would choose America and I would want to live in the present time, I love this country!

Featured Artist interview: Animal Man (E60)

About: Animal Man

"In life you have diffrent roads and directions you want to go down, there will be things in your way trying to block your path...Always stay on route and never loose your way...Because if you go off track, sometimes you can never reach to your destination...Always follow your dreams to the end...Thats what koldworldproductions ltd is about...the name kwpltd is a strong name with meaning....Kold stands for knowledge .Offering .Lyrical .determination... World means we want to show the world what we can achieve with our artstic style...Productions is the style and versatility of the music we produce and bring.." 

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
Probably somewhere in carribbean, in the 1990s

Mar 9, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 61 Playlist

Week March 9 - March16
This week: This special edition of ArenaCast focuses on talented and emerging hip hop artists from North America including Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC and Canada. Hear about Adele's recent success as well as new releases from REM, Elbow, Lupe Fiasco, and Noah and The Whale.

ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Izzo Flii Riding
2 Wise Dome Got Dap?
3 SELF MADE FRESH One Night To live
4 JuniorKOS No Clothes
5 Jae Nuuz Wut It Iz
6 DJ RKV Elevation
7 Arcyn Al Freedom
9 Rico D Writer Simple Love Song
10 BR and TIMEBOMB It's On You

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Mar 4, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Shakespeare's Ghozt (E60)

About: Shakespeare's Ghozt from Virginia Beach, USA

"Hailing from Virginia, Shakespeare's Ghozt is the future of hip-hop music. He blends various styles, genres and musical elements into something the world has never heard before. As a gifted songwriter, Shakespeare is influenced by everyone from John Lennon and Thom York to Eminem and Jay-Z. His songs are powerful and vivid masterpieces full of an attitude that is unmistakably "Heathen". Shakespeare's Ghozt, once a featured artist on KRS-ONE'S "Keep Right Tour" has now completed the "Fear the Future Project" which has placed four tracks in both's top 100 and reverbnation's Top 50. As a lyricist,Shakepeare's "bRoKen ToyS" shows a versatility unrivaled in the game today. From the Beatles-inspired "Lonely PPL" and the futuristic " The Zone "to the emotional resonance of "Naked", Shakespeare's songs are vivid, clever and powerful."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
If I had to choose it'd either be America during prohibition or America during the 70's both times seem to be righteous times for musicians

Featured Artist interview: Lightning Red (E60)

About: Lightning Red from Texas

"If you like history then you have to meet Lightning Red! The man is history himself! He saw many of the big Jazz names when he was a kid, befriended Luther Allison, performed at the Armadillo World Headquarters, played with Omar and The Howlers, Charlie Sexton and WC Clark and watched how Little Stevie Ray struggled with his guitar!
Now with the release of Groovemaster, Lightning Red, almost a blues legend himself, is on the road again and ready to show the world that he is still a master at the guitar! Killer licks, ditto grooves and trademark vocals are the master ingredients for his recipe."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?

Mar 3, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Horace (E60)

About: Horace from Villa del Parque, Argentina

"Horace founded his first band "The Beastes" in 1996. In 1997 he was guest of honor with his band at the exhibition 30 Years Sgt. Pepper held at the Centro Cultural Borges. A year later shared the stage with Pete Best, first drummer for The Beatles, at the Coliseo Theatre in Buenos Aires - Argentina.
In 1999 founded Soundshine "The new expression", band that was one of the winners of the Contest 1st Latin-American Beatle Week 'organized by The Cavern Club Buenos Aires and The Cavern Club Liverpool.
From 2003 to nowadays, Horace is performing as composer and producer of music for advertising, films, TV, Radio and Video.
He recorded an LP album called SMILE released to the digital music market in February 2011...

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I'd choose to live in Guatemala at VIII century, with the clasic mayan civilization. Or England at 1960's to join some good rock and roll band!

Featured Artist interview: LUMINOUS C (E60)

About: LUMINOUS C from Toronto

"Rapping is my passion.” I go by the name Luminous C (Chidi) and I have been making my own music since I was 12yrs. I was tagged “Luminous C” by friends because of my ability to illuminate the room every where I walk in. I reside in Toronto, Canada and I'm also working on my Mix-tape called ''Luminous C-eason". I get my inspiration from God and the sound waves also and I'm coming out now to explore the world with my luminous tunes. I hope you all enjoy it"

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
If I had to choose I'd live in the U.S, and I'd prefer to leave right away.

Mar 2, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 60 Playlist

Week March 2 - March 9
This week: This episode features artists from France, America, Bulgaria, Argentina and more. Learn about new releases from Jessie J, Beady Eye, and Lykke Li, as well as why Twitter is changing the artist to fan relationship   

ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 LUMINOUS C Let's Party
2 Horace Liverpool Here I Go
3 Auditory Ossicles Attic Workshop
4 Animal Man it no mek fe me
5 Na Fianna Follow me up to...
6 Shakespeare's Ghozt 1 Nite Only
7 Noisy Pride Emergency
8 Lightning Red Cavern Crawl
9 Chris Simmons Kids
10 Generation 84 Colonist

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Featured Artist interview: Cody Miller (E59)

About: Cody Miller

Hello my name is Cody I'm a musician who plays various instruments Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums and many more I am currently going the the University of Maine Orono for music education. Music is my one true love (Cliché I know) I'm working towards a demo cd and giging a lot in the Bangor Maine Area. I wanna travel across the US when I graduate college.

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
The Bahamas

2). What is your favorite month and why?
September I love fall

Mar 1, 2011

Featured Artist interview: REJECT (E59)

About: REJECT 

"Reject exists since summer 2007. At this time the bandmembers where Stefan (lead-guitar) and Benjamin (vocals). They started to search musicians who want to play with them. First they found Jürgen (drums) who was playing in two Metal-Bands before. Then they where searching for a bass-player, but they didn't find one for a long time. So they decided to get a rythm-guitar-player, before they go on with searching a bass-player. So they found Simon (rythm-guitar). Finally they also found a bass-player. His name is Christopher (bass) and he was playing with Jürgen in the two Metal-Bands before.

The musical style of Reject developed since the time when Benjamin and Stefan where founding the Band. First they where on a Rock n' Roll style. By working with those Metal-Guys they developed their style to a Hardrock-Metal combination which is not easy to define. They keep on working and developing their sound since summer 2008 and they enjoy working with music very much.
They recorded a Demo in summer 2009. At the time they are recording their first Studio-Album and they hope you will be able to here it very soon."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
We would want to live in the US 40 years ago, where our style of music was getting famous.

Featured Artist interview: The Positive View (E59)

About: The Positive View from USA

"Band is formed in November of 2010
All of the members are from New York, except for Edwin Torres, he's from New Jersey.
We are all in our early 20's
The band has no history just yet, its just the beginning.
Stay Tuned."

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
I think we would all like to stay in the current place and current time because we are still young, in our early 20's, so we haven't really gotten the taste of life :)