Mar 31, 2011

Featured Artist interview: The Attack Of The Brain Eaters (E64)

About: The Attack Of The Brain Eaters from Oviedo, Spain

"We came from other bands, and these bands didn't look like this. We train, we recorded, and we played all that we could. We want to do this for a long time, we promise. We love the type of music that we are playing, but you would really never say that. Be careful,we want more."

1). What is the funniest joke you've had with your friends?
I rememeber the time we slept with 10 hot girls. ok, that is a joke

2). Solve an equation (x+y+1)dx+(2x+2y-1)dy
Where the fuck is the "="?¿?

3). What is heavier, pound of fur or a pound of iron? Or the second album from Metallica?
I think they are the same weight, but i 've never been good at this this tricky questions bastards. Obviouslly Metallica with long hair is heavier than anybody or anything. well, respect Iron Maiden

4). If you could ask one funny question to the leader of your country, what would it be? 
Hey Zapatero, give me the number of your barber please, i love your eyebrows 

5). WTF is Alice?!
I don't know, but if she is hot I want to meet her

Listen to: The Attack Of The Brain Eaters - Behind My Steps

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