Mar 17, 2011

Featured Artist interview: BR and TIMEBOMB (E61)

About: BR and TIMEBOMB

"BR is a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, New York. BR (Beyond Recognition) has developed a cool, energetic and focused style over his years working both with other groups and on his own. BR put together TIMEBOMB, a seven-piece band, in 2002. BR and TIMEBOMB have performed at a number of venues in and around New York City, including Studio 54, Webster Hall, Union Square Park, NAMA (New Amsterdam Musical Association), the National Black Theater and The Apollo Theater; and have ventured out of NYC to clubs in NJ, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Hofstra University on Long Island and Oberlin College in Ohio.TIMEBOMB features Olivia Martinez (violin/viola), Jibrail Nor (drums), Shanelle D. Jenkins (trumpet), Karnage (lead Guitar) and Stacy Beatty, Jr. (bass).
These talented musicians have experience with a wide range of musical styles. Timebomb combines R&B, rock, reggae, funk, Soul, jazz, classical and pop to create music that is strictly hip-hop. Fans of the band have compared BR and Timebomb to OutKast, The Roots, the Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West and Earth, Wind & Fire. BR and Timebomb is a unique combination of their greatest influences.
BR and TIMEBOMB released their first full length album, “Believe in Something (Greater Than Yourself)”, last year and they recently released an EP, “Time Is Now”. They are working on their next album, as well as touring throughout New York City and along the East Coast"

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
If not New York City right now, then New York in the 80s or 70s. 

2). What is your favorite month and why?
January because alot of things start, resume or change when the year changes.

3). At what time of the day do you usually prefer to write your music?
Late at night.

4).What is your favorite instrument and why?
That changes every week depending on what I'm listening to but right now, its bass.

5). What is your favorite drink?

Listen to: BR and TIMEBOMB - It's On You

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