Mar 28, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Official Capital Boyz (E63)

About: Official Capital Boyz from Wellington, New Zealand

"These are two young upcoming hip hop artists who have found a passion for music and understand its language in every way. Etai Kaisa aka EnSanne and Bheki Mkandla aka BSK came half way accross the world a few years ago from Zimbabwe. As african kids who have a great passion for music they started music at a young age after being together and finding out how much talent they have when they join their tallents together. Currenlty living in New Zealand, Wellington they began to work in a little home studio for many hours trying to perfect the tallent they discoverd and make the good music that they want everyone to listen to, with the realese of " I Like Her " Capital Boyz got great feedback and thats when they knew they werent waisting their time since then they have never seen anyway either than up and there aint no ceilling and no roof top. Capital Boyz are now currently working on many projects with Rosco Records doing shows, tracks and many other great things and also working with Lostproperty Entertainment a great team of rappers, producers, engineers etc. Stay tuned because what you are witnessing right now is the creation of the best upcoming group artists who will blow your mind with every single song that they realease and that is a gaurantee.
Still seen as rookies in this game but we have so much big things to offer, Representing Africa as a Nation."

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
In our opinion we think that the most wildest/fun instrument to play is the saxophone that instrument has the power and ability to move get the attention of someone no matter what. The saxophone is one of the instruments we think is the hardest but once you get it and when you play it it sounds so good. We dont play the saxophone to be honest but we just admire any person that has the ability to play it.

2). What has been the biggest challenge in your life?
The biggest challenge we have and are currently facing right now is to get out there and get noticed for our talent, of course there is the internet and yes we do get great feedback from our fellow musicians but we just think there is way more we can do just given the chance and the resources to do it we could really make music that will blow everyone's mind, even yours..

3). What song you can listen to again and again?
Listening to music is an everyday part of our lives, we eat breath and sleep music. One of the best songs we think we have accomplished is one of our tracks called "Do Anything" that track has a catchy beat, great lyrical content and it has just a really engaging story to it. Looking at our inspiring artists one of the tracks we really love and would repeat over and over again is "Juicy" by one of the GREATEST M.Cs ever Biggy Smalls (B.I.G) no doubt that track is just related to us.

4). What is your favorite feature on R&R?

It has only been a week since signed up on RnR and yeah we still on the process of networking with other artists out there. However, we have checked out an artist called Mo Sounds Production pure genius at rnb beats we have to get on a track with him

5).How did you come up with your artist/band name? What does it mean to you?
Our artist name came three years ago when we had started our rap duo, we used to be called Welly Boys but changed it to Capital Boyz to be more divers and its more commercial since our music is mainly commercial hip hop. We came up with the name "Capital Boyz" because we live in the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington so we just decided to call it Capital Boyz and there it was we loved it we liked it and everybody else seemed to do the same. Capital Boyz means alot to us and its more than just two dudes making music its more than that its a brotherhood and a friendship that will never be broken and thats "Live From The Capital"

About: Official Capital Boyz - Romance You

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