Mar 25, 2011

Featured Artist interview:RAYANG (E63)

About: RAYANG from Innsbruck, Austria

In 1995 RAYANG devoted his life to music. His enthusiasm and love for music inspired RAYANG to write songs and create sounds. In 1996, RAYANG started a 3-month tour through Italy as a street musician. This tour was the best opportunity for RAYANG to learn playing music in front of an audience. After the tour RAYANG founded a band called TIMEHOLE. After the break of the band in 1998 RAYANG started to work with 2 bands as a lead-vocalist, at least for one year. In 1999 RAYANG started his solo project, writing and recording songs in his own little homestudio. 2002 was the year of birth for the band RAYANG, named for him. 2004 after the end of the band.RAYANG is working on new songs and sounds. RAYANG is a singer songwriter. He his autodidact on guitar, vocals,keyboard, bass and computer.

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
My favorite instrument was and ist he guitar, I play it over 30 years and use it also for the most keyboard,string, effect parts, that makes a lot more fun and it gives the sound an own style and feeling.I play accustic, electric, semiaccustic guitars so theres a very great spectrum of sounds to experiment with.

2). What has been the biggest challenge in your life?
The biggest challenge for me was a 6 monthly tour through Italy as a streetmusican. It is the the best opportunity to learn playing music in front of an audience.And it is the best way to learn a little bit how it feels to be free ;).

3). What song you can listen to again and again?
Marillion - Falling from the moon , from the album Brave.

4). What is your favorite feature on R&R?
The best feature on R&R is the Jukebox. Its amazing to see where and what the people all over the world listen. And the ArenaCast;).

5).How did you come up with your artist/band name? What does it mean to you?
RAYANG is by 100% me, I use this name since the beginning (16 years ago) as I worked with a friend in a 2 man band called YinYang. After the break of this band I called me RAYANG, Ray is my short forename and so was me, RAYANG born. And it means all to me, my name is not RAYANG I am RAYANG.

Listen to: RAYANG - Dune

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