Mar 21, 2011

Featured Artist inteview: Spring And The Land (E62)

About: Spring And The Land from Graz, Austria.

"Spring And The Land paint glimpses of life with songs expressing
the fine line between all emotions. Their powerful blend of melody and melancholic, heartfelt flavour raise the hope that the future is always brighter. "It was spring and the land was pure and warm, and I think I would disappear for a week at a time, but I'll always return sooner or later..." Jacques Bush and Marino Acapulco (former dogboy!) come up, now rougher, with spring and the land to guide you to their own sonic barbecue of living.

1). If you had to choose, in what country and at what time would you want to live?
We thing the here and now is quite ok for our demands :)

2). What is your favorite month and why?
Our fav month is may, the cold season is over, the whole world is full of life and inspiration.

3). At what time of the day do you usually prefer to write your music? 
Mostly in the evening in our little studio but sometimes the best ideas overtake in the morning.

4).What is your favorite instrument and why?
Jacques Bush: the accustic guitar, its easy to transport and very flexible to perform a lot of songs.Marino Acapulco: every kind of synth for relaxed, artificial and very original electronic sound environments and also drums.

5). What is your favorite drink?

Listen to: Spring And The Land - The Outside

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