Apr 6, 2011

Featured Artist interview: 3rd Machine (E64)

About: 3rd Machine 

"3rd Machine could well be described as the next step in metal. Perfectly blending heavy songs with both brutal and melodic vocals, the band is crossing the boundaries of metal and industrial orientated music. Starting off in 2005, 3rd Machine has been experimenting with vocal based songs since the beginning. Allthough the first demo "Saraphin" still shows influences of their former bands, the 2008 promotional CD "Urban Madness" clearly reveals a fresh and unique mix of power and harmony. It's more mature, more balanced and definitely more brutal, which producer Arno Krabman of Graveland Studio can be accounted for. A setback in the summer of 2009: drummer Niek leaves the band. Fortunately Richard Mulder quickly fills up the gap and 3rd Machine is able to do some gigs before the year ends. However, after a year and some great gigs, both Pieke and Richard decide to leave 3rd Machine to pursue other musical interests. Drummer Jay Persad joins the band a week later and immediately proves he is the powerhouse the band is looking for. Ofcourse, we are now eager to get on stage and do some gigs. Venues that are interested: please get in touch!"

1).What is the funniest joke you've had with your friends?

A musician calls the orchestra office, asks for the conductor, and is told that he is dead.
The musician calls back 25 times more and gets the same message from receptionist.
She asks why he keeps calling. He replies, "I just like to hear you say it."

2). Solve an equation (x+y+1)dx+(2x+2y-1)dy
42: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ultimate_Question#The_number_42

3). What is heavier, pound of fur or a pound of iron? Or the second album from Metallica?
The heaviest thing in the world is the earth, and the lightest thing is a thought.

4). If you could ask one funny question to the leader of your country, what would it be?
Pull my finger..?

5). WTF is Alice?!

Listen to: 3rd Machine - Urban Madness

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