Apr 13, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Andre Stewart (E65)

About: Andre Stewart

"I have been producing music for three years now, my motivation to my songs is to share with people that you can be anything you wanna be if you put your mind into it. one day i want to have my own label and be a producer, or maybe even a well known artist. i am looking at doing a few more songs and maybe even produce a album. i love working with other people that have the same passion as me."

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
The Piano, Endless opportunity's.

2). What has been the biggest challenge in your life?
Keeping my eyes on what i want to achieve in the music industry, without being distracted by everything else.

3). What song you can listen to again and again?
Daecolm (Magic Carpet Ride)

4). What is your favorite feature on R&R?
The way you can share you music and passion with the rest of the world.

5). If you could ask one funny question to the leader of your country, what would it be?
Sir i think you should sponsor me.

Listen to: Andre Stewart - Dance The Night Away

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