Apr 29, 2011

Featured Artist interview: BOMBSHELTER (E68)

About: BOMBSHELTER from Copenhagen, Denmark

"The band, which includes Emil Balle, Kaare Bjørn, Nicolaj Sejer and Hasse Petersen, has existed since 2010, but the four musical talents have played together in other formations since 2005. BOMBSHELTER take one step at a time, and so far it is the prestigious final at Store Vega (Emergenza festival) and the semifinals of the Starfighter 2010 at Posten in Odense, that dominates the most on the experience-account for the aspiring musicians.

"We're very proud that we have come this far so quick. Playing at Store Vega is a bit of a dream come true for us", says lead singer and guitarist Emil Balle, who also writes most of the songs. 
BOMBSHELTER places their music in the genre Synthphonic Movie Rock with electronic and classical elements, and the four guys burns to reach out to audiences with their uncompromising songs."

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)? 
I'v played different kinds of instruments. Drums, Guitar, Bass, a little Piano, but most of the time I create music on my labtop. Recently I bought a Roland Ghaia synth, and although I could create the same sounds with my Ableton Live, I have to say that the interface, the easy-to-use approach and the simplicity combined with nice fat sounds and fun fx, makes the Ghaia my favorite "kaos/control" sound maker. I can easily create destruction, and then switch to total control in a heartbeat.

2). What has been the biggest challenge in your life?
I never really think about how I'm challenged. I think the biggest challenge is yet to come, but I'v done some serious bone-breaking, doing musical projects and taking the whole responsabillity. I'v written music for a musical, trying to capture all sorts of different styles, combining them, and the making it all fit into a story, told by teenagers in a local theatre - that's probably the most challenging thing i'v done so far..

3). What song you can listen to again and again?
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

4). What is your favorite feature on R&R?
The PodCast Feature is great - bring the music of tomorow around on the road - great inspiration

5). If you could ask one question to the leader of your country, what would it be?
When you look back in 20 years, would you be proud of what you've done? Cause if not, please make the changes now!"

Listen to: BOMBSHELTER - 7/8's

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  1. On saturday the 7th of May BOMBSHELTER will try to livestream an hour from our production rehearsel to Proces festival. More information (time, weblink etc.) will follow soon. Stay tuned and enjoy your week