Apr 1, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Far Too Fabulous (E64)

About: Far Too Fabulous from New Zealand

"The Far Too Fabulous is a two woman duo who combine with other musicians to make meaning-filled, powerful, playful, all original music.The songs reflect 20 years of writing, they cover all aspects of human feeling and experience.
Olinka Heath and Michele Andrews share with you this ‘Far Too Fabulous’ debut C.D. ‘Celebrate Yourself!’ (that’s an order!)
Guaranteed to leave you feeling good or we will send your money back. Why? Because we believe we’ve made something inspirational.
The very first song enables you to experience the magic of inspired thinking. ‘Celebrate Yourself!’ was played at a school fair and a suicidal woman turned her life around just hearing it - we named the album after her.
We’ve blended passionate instruments with soul rich words to leave you tuned to the frequency of gratitude, positivity and humor."

1). What is the funniest joke you've had with your friends?
We've been chosen for Arenacast on April fools week. Yeah right!

2). Solve an equation (x+y+1)dx+(2x+2y-1)dy
d=0 (i.e. everything can be found on the net!)

3). What is heavier, pound of fur or a pound of iron? Or the second album from Metallica?
Heaviest? Definitely metallica (has be to something musical on this website!)

4). If you could ask one funny question to the leader of your country, what would it be? 
John, where'd all that money go we put into Earthquake Commission over the last hundreds of years? How come NZ is in financial schtuk because of our earthquake? (I know that's not funny, but how could I resist asking him this if I had the chance to ask one question).

5). WTF is Alice?!
Alice, well she's the main character in Alice in Wonderland of course. A drug induced tale of epic proportions.

Listern to: Far Too Fabulous - Storm In My Teacup

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