Apr 5, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Methedreame (E64)

About: Methedreame from Bristol ,England

"The name "Methedreame" is derived from the concept of the chaotic euphoria of a drug induced dream.
The name "Methedreame" is a simple construct of the phrase "Me: The dream".You can decide, for yourself, based on your own sensitivities!The Methedreame logo symbolises the correlation between death, superstition, religion, ritual & fear.Methedreame is a band. We write & record music, sometimes. We've also been known to perform live, on occasion.It's likely that we will be doing a bit more of both.
We hope that you like our music! "

1). What is the funniest joke you've had with your friends?
Raising my friend's boxer-shorts, on the flagpole, at our old school, during a reunion dinner.

2). Solve an equation (x+y+1)dx+(2x+2y-1)dy
I can't remember how to solve differential equations! I got as far as substituting a=x+y to get
dy/dx = (a+1)/(1-2a)
I'm pretty sure I got the integration wrong as I ended up with
Then gave up!

3). What is heavier, pound of fur or a pound of iron? Or the second album from Metallica?
A pound of fur & a pound of iron have the same mass, although the iron has a greater density. Metallica's second album, "Ride The Lightning", weighs significantly less than a pound. I don't believe it's "heaviness", in terms of musical attributes, can be measured empirically.

4). If you could ask one funny question to the leader of your country, what would it be? 
"If you could ask one funny question to the President of The USA, what would it be?"

5). WTF is Alice?!
Alice is a great song by "The Sisters of Mercy", but also an acronym for a secret MoD project "Android Life In Central Essex".

Listen to: Methedreame - One Last Kiss

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