Apr 26, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Mikromusic (E67)

About: Mikromusic from Wroclaw, Poland

"Mikromusic is one of the particularly interesting young bands on the Polish musical stage. Its music comprises many styles, but is based on jazz and trip hop. Here it turns out again that these apparently different musical worlds can create an unexpectedly cohesive sound together. The enigmatic voice of the singer Natalia Grosiak is a genuine hallmark of the band, which gains increasingly more recognition every year.
Until now, they have released three records. Their debut album Mikromusic features many guests, including Leszek Możdżer, multi-instrumentalist Sambor Dudziński or accordionist Piotr Dziubek.
The second album, entitled Sennik, was released at the turn of December 2008. The title of the record refers to the motif of dream, which appears frequently in the band’s lyrics, whereas the music itself draws from a variety of styles, including jazz, trip hop, funky or even folk music. The whole repertoire is bonded by Natalia’s poetic feminine lyrics.
In the autumn of 2010, the third record of the band, entitled SOVA, will be available for sale. As previously, songs are arranged in jazz & trip hop style. The lyrics and the vitality of music, which was retained thanks to the simultaneous recording of all instruments, deserve particular attention. This third album reinforces the position of Mikromusic on the music market.

1). What musical instrument is the wildest/most fun to play on (from your point of view)?
From my point of view : the own voice is the the coolest instrument. You can take it always with you in any trip of your life. But the most wildest instrument for me is Kaoss Pad, thanks to it I can use my voice, change it and wonder what I can discover new coming from my mouth;)

2). What has been the biggest challenge in your life?
To decided to quit my work and try to live my own way, making music. This challenge is still going on. We will see what happens.

3). What song you can listen to again and again?
Goldfrapp "Horse Tears",

4). What is your favorite feature on R&R?

I got to know about R&R today, so for now I DON'T KNOW:)

5). If you could ask one question to the leader of your country, what would it be?
Hehe, if I have to be honest I would rather talk to somebody else.

Listen to: Mikormusic - Wigilia

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