May 4, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 69 Playlist

Week May 4 - May 11
This week:  This episode highlights new releases from Fleet Foxes, Beastie Boys, Stevie Nicks, and Jennifer Lopez. We play 10 songs by artists from Las Vegas, Portugal, Iran, Ireland, London and Canada.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Supranatural Blood In My Life
2 Shine (Shayan Amini) Centipede
3 The End Of Science The Reluctant...
4 Nicholai Hip Hop Opus
5 Boy Cries Wolf Letters
6 Black Cancer In Check
7 Preachers Son 26 Years
8 Ambush Creep Sidewalk
9 SiSSi Warmed Up Coffee
10 Adi Dagga Somwhere Else

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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  1. thannnxxx for playing my song..sorry bout the lack of s on it s way!!! befriend & check back in a few days!!!! xx SiSSi

  2. ooohhhh and do check out the live video for "WARMED UP COFFEE" on ll loveee it you knows it!!? love to you SiSSi

  3. Nice selection :) some good tracks on here!