May 16, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Maria Brodskaya (E70)

About: Maria Brodskaya from Russia

"Hi! My name's Maria Brodskaya. I'm a young singer, songwriter, pianist and violinist. As well as an actress and photo-model.
My new album "Apple-Moon" is some mix of soul, slavic folk, jazz, pop and ambient music. It unites the modern and ancient musical traditions. East and West. Hope you will like it!

A few words about myself: "Open and friendly. Believe in love and friendship. And believe that a good music will save the World."
With love from Maria"

1).What do you think will happen to music in 50 years?
I think there are two possible ways. As far as I see, music is getting less melodious and nice but more aggressive and rude. So maybe, in 50 years the music will be not a cultural and aesthetic thing but something like a sound-drug for the satisfaction of the lowest human needs and feelings. Or maybe on the contrary - people will come back to classic beautiful music and they will consider this like the most important thing for the harmonious development of the person.

2).What are the main difficulties for being a musician in your country?
Now I live in Russia and the most difficult thing is - there isn't any professional showbusiness here, there is only corruption. So, almost no one young and talented musician can realize oneself.

3).Would you like your children to become musicians, just like you do? Why yes or why not?
I want them to take their own path, realize their talants and skills and be happy, doing what they want and can.

4).What is the instrument of your dream? (type/brand/model)
Maybe the electro-violine Yamaha EV-204

5).If you could raise one music idol from the dead – who would it be?
Michael Jackson. Though, I think now he is on another planet and he's ok:)

Listen to: Maria Brodskaya - Three Steps

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