May 10, 2011

Featured Artist interview: SiSSi (E69)

About: SiSSi from London

"Combining souring vocals with the best kind of emotional pop, SiSSi has arrived, and she's here to stay.
She writes music which encompasses pretty much every emotion you could list, all brought together with crackling, euphoric, stomping pop...

Your body may want to dance, but your heart will want to stand still and soak up every note!"

1).What do you think will happen to music in 50 years?
I think we will have gone past the jingle/ringtone style gimmick laden snippet songs and have arrived at one-sound-only-"songs" one magically sound that ll get pumped straigth into your body through some kind of tiny device or the nature of the sound wave itself..that ll ease away all your days worries and make you feel exactly how you choose to ...that s for the mainstream ...aside from that there ll be an exciting rock n roil/punk/dance counter culture that ll be well into there 25 min songs filled with all the imaginable wonderful aural craziness in the world.

2.What are the main difficulties for being a musician in your country?
The cold!!..haha ..Now that might just be me ;)

3.Would you like your children to become musicians, just like you do? Why yes or why not?
No, I d like them to do something more of real worth and value for the world and humanity. Something that actually matters and makes a difference and betters the world they will live in.

4.What is the instrument of your dream? (type/brand/model)
The Voice:
Especially Bass & Alto range: although i am myself more of a Soprano type I can also sing real low. my dad is a classical singer, and since being a kid I've always tried to sing all his parts on his recordings I can go pretty low for a s funny I can happily sing along to a whole big choral solo he does...and on the last note it ll drop reaall low..and im like ..noooo damn it..When I can't get it...haha...perhaps I should to drink more whiskey n smoke cigars or something like that ?!?
But there just is something about bass frequencies, they shoot right into your gut...I hear it s a girls thing specifically ...might be the reason why I mainly use timapnies, taiko drums'n'tribal hand drummin on my productions...I massively despise drum kit s too entertaining watching an engineer I work with trying to sneak in a cymbals here or therer..literally beggin me...but...its not one...!! I played with this amazing drummer last year and he had a one cymbal hit a song allowance!! har har ..he soon learned not to bother!! ;))
But..if not the voice: it s got to be a Gibson Thunderbird Bass, I'm not a real bass player..but I played one at a festival ones..and it s the sexiest instrument ever...dont know what it is..but it works for me..itsw pure Sexxx!!!

5.If you could raise one music idol from the dead – who would it be?
Oh I don't know, I'm not one to look back, my favourite artists are all still alive..I would however like to take a look backstage with the great classical composers and see how it really was for them.....
But I would do unimaginable things to get Douglas Adams back from the dead and make him write more books, do stuff with computers, do anything, just be on this planet. He had the most amazingly beautiful entertaining intelligent creative mind on earth..and I actually really think this would be a better places with him back...I ve read all his books multiple times..and there s no one who can replace the void he left ... yet.

Listen to: SiSSi - Warmed Up Coffee

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