May 31, 2011

Featured Artist interview: True Margrit (E72)

About: True Margrit from San Francisco

"True Margrit's piano-driven vignettes will seduce you, with super-catchy (yet unpredictable) choruses and the husky/ sweet/ surreal voice of Margrit Eichler. Think: Aimee Mann & Ben Folds meet the Decemberists for speed Scrabble."

1).What do you think will happen to music in 50 years?
It will be polarized between two extreme genres. On one end it will be a super –non-technological minimal art form that utilizes only fingernail tapping and breathing and thigh slapping. On the other side there will be a high tech medium analogous to the current obligatory use of 3-d in films —except for music in 50 years it will be ten dimensional sound utilizing quantum mechanics or string theory or some new technology—I imagine it as very immersive.

2).What are the main difficulties for being a musician in your country?
Independent music is alive and well and AMAZING in the USA. Every town has a bunch of fantastic local bands which a modest circle of people know and support. But in general most of the available bandwidth is monopolized by such an extremely small elite group of big budget acts that those of us on a more humble path have a challenge connecting with more fans and making our life in music fully sustainable.

3).Would you like your children to become musicians, just like you do? Why yes or why not?
I only have cats, no kids. Stella (may she rest in peace) played some walking sonatas up and down the keyboard—quite nice, though they had a mournful late night quality. Fuschia is working on putting the “fur” back into “Fur Elise”--it’s hard without opposable thumbs, much less fingers. In principle though, I would always want music in my family—whatever form it takes ( that goes for the music or the family).
A house without a piano is no home at all

4).What is the instrument of your dream? (type/brand/model)
That’s an easy one! A ten foot Fazioli grand piano!

5).If you could raise one music idol from the dead – who would it be?
Harpo Marx

Listen to: True Margrit - Make Them Beg

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