Jun 30, 2011

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

And again we ask you to join our initiative and vote for these 3 wonderful artists who will compete to be featured in the next ArenaCast podcast!
Check them out and vote for them in our Poll at our Facebook

Our first artist is Melinda Aveleira Pitkin from Weisbaden, Germany

Enjoy her track "You're Mine" and vote for it!

The second candidate is The Level band from Rome,Italy

Check out their "Daydream" and help them to win!

The third candidate is Badworse Killgood & The Hellskulls band from New Jersey

Listen to their song "Escape from New Jersey" and vote for it!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!
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Jun 29, 2011

Special hip-hop dedicated ArenaCast Episode 77 Playlist

Week June 29 - July 6
This week: This episode dedicated to hip hop and consists only of hip-hop tracks. Check out 10 best tracks by the rappers from USA,Canada and UK
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Q.B. Of Da' Midwest I'm Tired
2 Admiral A.C.G. (My ID)
3 Nick Coury Eleven Thirty Four
4 Dutchie Subliminal Minded
5 Pretty Boi Ace Cash On Decck
6 C Ruff D Boy Thang
7 EBO Poetical Styles
8 A'Mack Lord Forgive Em
9 Dr2op I Can Take You High
10 SPILL MICS No Radio

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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Positive Chaos - post-grunge, USA (ArenaCast E76)

About: 4-piece band Positive Chaos from Wolcott, Connecicut.

"The summer of 2005 witnessed the birth of Positive Chaos, a post-grunge band from Wolcott, CT. Formed by Dave Valletta on vocals and drums, Brett Bernier on guitar, and Chris DelGobbo on bass, the trio quickly started playing high schools and bars. Positive Chaos recorded and released a 6 song EP called “Sure Fire Way” in the fall of 2006. The following year, Positive Chaos was invited to include a song on the Webster Theater Compilation Album, which featured their first single “Sore.” In 2008, there was a drastic change to the lineup. Pat Harrigan took the reign on drums, allowing Dave to move out from behind the set and pick up a guitar. Positive Chaos was featured as a WCCC Homegrown Band in May 2008, and have received extensive airplay.
Positive Chaos is looking forward to touring in support of their album, and rocking the world"

Let's talk about the best music album you have heard recently. Tell us more about it and why you liked this album.
As far as the best album we have heard lately I think its pretty unanimous among us that "Wasting Light", the new Foo Fighters album is our favorite new album of the year.

Jun 24, 2011

ArenaCast Weekly Poll

Next ArenaCast podcast will be dedicated to Hip-Hop. The 3 artists presented below will compete to be featured in this podcast! Check them out and vote for them in our Poll at our Facebook page!

Our first candidate is Jonathan aka JayProphit from London,England

Check out his track "Good Look" and vote for it!

The second candidate is Vi Champ from Starville,USA

Listen to his track "Thatz My Daddy" and support the artist by tour votings!

The third artist call himself Q.B.Of Da' Midwest aka "The Gay Vigilante"

Check out and vote for his track "I'm Tired"and help him to win!

You can vote for these tracks at our Facebook page!
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MANTA - classic rock, UK (ArenaCast E76)

About: MANTA the Glasgow based 4 piece band.

"Origionally founded in late 2006 by Bryan Gallacher and Dan Tonner MANTA have reached new levels when joined by Marc Quinn and Ken Blair and went on to write an absolute mountain of material that is slowly being recorded and are writing material at a tremendous rate along with a UK tour starting in 2011 with a single release on the way in the summer."

Let's talk about the best music album you have heard recently. Tell us more about it and why you liked this album.
The best album I heard recently has to be Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood Live at Madison Square Gardens.

Invariant - alternative rock , Russia (ArenaCast E76)

About: Invariant - trio from Saint-Petersburg.

"Well... We're young... We're making music with our souls. We want it one day to be heard all around the world and make people just a bit more happy... Let's say we just follow the path of our hearts. :) Anyway, our music is the best description for us."

Let's talk about the best music album you have heard recently. Tell us more about it and why you liked this album. 
The best album of recent time.. Don't know really. =) Unfortunately I can't say that I've recently heard something that is really nice.. I mean the whole album.. I can even say that the present music is getting more and more emotionless..

Jun 23, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 76 Playlist

Week June 22 - June 29
This week: This episode highlights new album releases by Bon Iver, Simple Plan, Jill Scott, and LMFAO while featuring 10 songs by artists from New York, England, Malta, Poland, Russia and Scotland.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 DASTARDS Flashlights
2 Invariant Youth
3 Chase The Enemy Lionheart
4 Mora Culture Shock
5 The Funny Waves Dissapear
6 MANTA Touch The Sky
7 Positive Chaos Regret
8 Ronsonkiplin Feel The Music
9 Jessica Pomerantz Rock Bottom
10 Neville One Day

Topics about our featured artists are coming soon!

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ArenaCast Changes!

First of all, we would like to say thank to the thousands of you who are listening to our ArenaCast weekly podcast each and every week. We surf among the hundreds of new artists on R&R World and delive to you only the best songs by the most talented musicians.

And now to make the podcasts even better, the R&R World team has made several important updates.
To find out more about these updates please check the About section and read the related news on R&R World. http://randrworld.com/news/3018/

R&R World ArenaCast – Only the best music! Stay tuned!

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Jun 22, 2011

Featured Artist interview: The Apocryphal Order (E75)

About: The Apocryphal Order from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

"Inspired by religious ignorance, prejudice and abhorrence, The Apocryphal Order from Tórshavn presents a discharge of Progressive Death/Thrash Metal fury with all their lyrics written in english.
The band formed in early 2010 with the vision of bringing some bone crushing Death Metal to the already growing metal scene in the Faroes.
From playing their first concert back in July 2010, TAO went on to record their first album in December that same year at Kohlekeller studio in Darmstadt, Germany."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
It would probably be Music, Family, Mates, Toiletpaper and Beer! You just can't cope without those things.

Jun 21, 2011

Featured Artist interview: GuRL (E75)

About: GuRL from Edmonton,Canada

"GuRL has been hiding in Edmonton for about 2 years now, working on and recording their first studio album. The bands songs are catchy and memorable, and eventually become a part of you like a jock strap thats too small. With influences like Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41, and Rise Against, who the hell wouldn't like us!?! So far, steady rehearsals and a tight professional live show have been the bands main focus. Expect to see us around Edmonton and touring around Canada soon!"

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
Our band, friends, family, music, longboarding.

Featured Artist interview: Sham MC's (E75)

About: Sham MC's from Syria

"Sham Mc's is a rap band from Syria arab world,bringing you arabic and english rap but with Eastern vibes something from their community,talking about their society and its problem,they Started in 2007 and now they have over 20000 fans all over the world,hope you like what they're doing and they're about to be worldwide btw"

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
Rap God my country god bless it Syria music sure the mic

Jun 20, 2011

Featured Artist interview: JON (E75)

About: JON from Norway

"Norwegian singer/songwriter who has been working as a "guitar-entertainer" in pub's, bar's, private and company parties since 1995.
Mostly with cover-songs, but somtimes also with my own material."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?

2). Lets assume that in 2012 will be the end of the world.. what do you have to do till that time?
Spend time with family and friends. Play music and have have a good time.

Featured Artist interview: Jean Juliet (E75)

About: Jean Juliet from Cape Town

"A 24 yr old female singer/ songwriter. A sound engineer by profession but a singer by heart.
My music ranges from RnB,Pop, Soul/Jazz, Dance.
I believe music heals so therefore i try to incorporate alitttle bit of everything in the music i write."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
My mom
my voice

2). Lets assume that in 2012 will be the end of the world.. what do you have to do till that time?
Make and release 4 more albums, meet oprah, travel to malaysia,paris, and new york, bungi jump and go sky diving,have a child.

Jun 16, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Heartwork (E75)

About: Heartwork

"Heartwork is a semi-acoustic duo consisting of Malene Markussen on vocals and Odd Henning Skyllingstad on guitar.
Malene and Odd Henning are usually found in the metal band Acelsia, but when they need to play with less brutality and volume, they retreat to Heartwork.
Heartwork performs both original songs - small, melodious pop songs - and their own interpretations of other artists. The repertoire moves between different moods, always with the good, catchy tune in the center.
Malenes pure and clear voice, combined with Odd Hennings melodic guitar provides a beautiful and evocative concert experience."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
1. music
2. preforming
3. exercise
4. sleep
5. have family and friends that believes in you.

Featured Artist interview: Sebastian Black (E75)

About: Sebastian Black from Norrköping, Sweden

"Working today as Pc technician, the music is just on the side for now, Been singing most rock over the years but now I seem to be falling back into the singer/songwriter genre.
Writing, playing and recording my own music, all in my "home-studio" with limited resources, I travel along and hope to get a break someday but for now I'm just doing for the relief of expressing myself"

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
1. Always reaching forward and upwards
2. Have a healthy relationship
3. My music of course
4. Money
5. Being happy

Jun 15, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 75 Playlist

Week June 15 - June 22
This week: This episode highlights new albums from Eminem, Take That and Paul Simon, while featuring songs by artists from New Orleans, Syria, Australia, Canada, Sweden and Norway.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 C.P. Love Secondline Home
2 Heartwork Heaven
3 Sebastian Black Options
4 Royal Radio Love Rescue Me
5 The Apocryphal Order Deteriorate to Gain
6 Jean Juliet Written In The Stars
7 Sarah Joy Always Be There
8 Sham MC's Eastern I.D.
9 JON Impossible Princess
10 GuRL Baby We're Going Down

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Featured Artist interview: AppleSpaceBar (E74)

About: AppleSpaceBar from Birmingham,USA

"Applespacebar is a modern rock band from Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. Band members include producer/guitarist Ben Trexel,vocalist Johnny Nine, drummer Lake Trechsel, guitarist Patrick Prantl, and bassist Chipper Bonds
Applespacebar’s music can best be described as alternative modern rock with both melodic and hard edges. Their debut album, WELCOME TO THE DREAM, was released in January, 2009, on their own Tangent Music Group label, and is available on I-Tunes, Rhapsody, and CD BABY. Their second CD, Songs You Might Like was released on May 18, 2010."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
Family, Friends, Creating and Performing Music, Sleeping, Eating

Jun 14, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Harry Pane (E74)

About: Harry Pane from Northamptnshire, UK

"I'm a singer/songwriter from south UK. I'm also a full time performer. To me there is nothing better than doing something you love for a living!
The artists that have inspired me to write are probably John Martyn, Bob Dylan and Bon Iver. In my opinion their music is something very special! When I first heard John Martyn's classic album 'Solid Air' I was blown away..such a unique and inspiring style."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
My partner, my acoustic guitar, my friends, guinness and my music collection.

Featured Artist interview: Craig Kerley (E74)

About: Craig Kerley from Atlanta,USA

"Not Otherwise Specified began in December of 2008 when founding (and currently only) member Craig Kerley decided to return to his music roots. After a 15 year hiatus, Craig decided it was time to stop neglecting his love of writing and performing progressive rock and began work on NOS's debut album, Judgment. While initially meant to be a rock album, the songs kept coming out prog. He decided to stop trying to fight this pull and allowed himself to be pulled into the progressive rock sound."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
The five things that are most important to me are my family, my music, my health, and my ability to count to 5.

Jun 10, 2011

Featured Artist interview: SharBaby (E74)

About: SharBaby from Birmingham, Alabama

"Sharbaby has always loved music from the age of 5 years old, her first talent show!!! Shar got really inspired by Hubert Sumlin, who played with Howlin Wolf. Shar was 11 years old when she started to take guitar lessons. Shar's Dad bought her first electric guitar (a Harmony Rocket) in the early 60's, which she still plays today at times on stage. Shar's Dad was a gospel singer in the 50's and early 60's. Shar's Dad opened for other gospel singers such as Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers, The Dixie Humming Birds, The Alabama Blind Boys to name a few. Shar's Aunt Marie gave her the name SharBaby at the age of 6 years old. Shar has played in many festivals both in the US and Europe. Shar can also be heard on many radio stations in the US and Europe. Shar has recorded many CD's over the years with both herself and other Blues Artists. Shar is currently ranked #1 in Birmingham, Alabama for reverbnation's Blues Chart. Shar has a single, "Crazy About A Mercury" that hit #1 in May, 2010 on Cashbox Top Roadhouse Boogie Blues Charts. Shar sells CD's in 15 Stores including CD Baby, Tuncore, Digitdoc Records in the UK. Shar has appeared in Blues Matters UK magazine, Rhythm & Blues Magazine UK, Big City Blues Magazine Detroit Michigan and many others. Shar will be touring the UK again in 2012."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
My Family Husband, Children, Parents, My siblings

Featured Artist interview: Shelter (E74)

About: Shelter from New Zealand

"From the ashes of two prominent NZ rock acts, Shelter has emerged and are already beginning to make waves in the NZ music scene.
It was near the beginning of 2010 following the demise of premier Rock act Miscreant, that vocalist Chris Brebner found himself yearning for another musical creative outlet. After writing some solo material, Brebner contacted Damian Hilt & Alan Treanor, both previous members of Miscreant to gauge their interest in trying something stylistically different from their earlier collaborations. With all three in agreement to press forward on a new musical venture, the word was put out for a talented guitarist to join them on their endeavors. Joe Ravenhall answered the call and quickly added a new dimension to the group. With the final addition of Nathan Cooper on keys, Shelter had found their exciting new sound and were ready to head into the studio.
Fresh from New Zealand’s premier recording facility York Street Studios, Shelter have produced two tracks combining the purest elements of modern rock with intricate melodies to introduce the world to their infectious new sound. With more studio time booked with Premier music producer Andrew Buckton, the wheels are only just beginning to turn on the promising machine that is Shelter."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
My Daughter, my fiance, my friends, Heineken & my acoustic guitar.

Jun 9, 2011

Featured Artist interview: The Tubescreamers Band (E73)

About: The Tubescreamers Band from Jerissos, Greece

"...We are THE TUBESCREAMERS BAND.A Rock'n'Blues Band from Greece. We've been rocking since 2006 and do not intend to stop ! We mostly play blues-rock covers but also have several tunes of our own.
The TUBESCREAMERS BAND are: Bill Markos-Lead & slide guitar.... Alex Antoniadis-vocals... John Psiliagos-guitar... Alekos Hliapas-Drums... Stelios Tzioumerkas-bass... Christodoulos Mihaloudas- harmonica... Babis Prodromidis-sax..."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
Health-Health-Health-Music-My kid

Jun 8, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 74 Playlist

Week June 8 - June 15
This week: We highlight new albums from the Arctic Monkeys, All Time Low, Battles and Black Lips. the 10 songs featured are by artists from New Zealand, Chile, Atlanta, Alabama, Canada, Italy and the UK.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Harry Pane Travelling
2 Apple Spacebar Now Or Never
3 Jana Mashonee A Change Is Gonna Come
4 Dozis Band Aun Respiro
5 Shar Baby The Stalker
6 Shelter Blacklight Friday
7 Craig Kerley Another Way
8 Dennis White (It's Been A) Long Day
9 Ballerine Box Ghost Streets
10 Lady Torment Your Sweetest Torment

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Featured Artist interview: DA.GYANT (E73)

About: DA.GYANT from Houston,USA

"I am a man of god who is on a mission for christ and b4 he comes back I will have done all that god has called me to do in this life! a-men. So through music god has made away out of no way for me to get his word across to his people. So listen and enjoy. Yo boy DA.GYANT!"

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
My family. My finances, My relationship with God. My record label, My healt.

Featured Artist interview: Among Suspects (E73)

About: Among Suspects from Ecuador\Germany

"Among Suspects (Gio) original from Guayaquil, Ecuador has been living in Berlin, Germany since 2003. His music is mostly Indie-Rock but his curiosity takes him trough several musical layers. His ideal of music goes "Enjoy making music, worry later about perfection".

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
Health + Bass + Drums + Guitar + Piano

2). Lets assume that in 2012 will be the end of the world.. what do you have to do till that time?
Get ready for the next round

3). What fiction character would you like to be?
Vampire (not because of the blood though)

Featured Artist interview: Suzy Anderson (E73)

About: Suzy Anderson

"Music is were all that cannot be said finds a way to be expressed. There is a power you hold as an artist.,You are an influencer. This world is far too desperate to remain speechless. Say what needs to be said, for if you don't it will remain unsaid and undone. All that is amazing started as a dream in a mind first. Don't limit all that is possible...
...I love to make music that combines all kinds of generes, anything from blues to hiphop to jazzy rock! Your way too limited if you stick to just one genre..."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
-1.Having a spiritual relationship with a real rockin' God and seeing how he constantly blows my flippin' mind!
-2.Gettin' to see and spend time my family; those times are far too rare so the are extra spectacularly awesome when they happen!
-3.Wildin' Out with my Homies
-4.Makin' music, singing my heart out rocking out at a show and pretty music anything involving the beauty that is music.
-5.The Gift of creativity! The ability to inspire and innovate is so outstandingly powerful.

Jun 7, 2011

Featured Artist interview: David Reo (E73)

About: David Reo from Ventura, California

"David Reo is a blues guitarist songwriter with a fine catalog of tunes out there in the blues, pop blues, country hybrid, easy listening modes. David Reo also was an apprentice writer for 26 Happy Days Television episodes. Wrote the Potsie Quits School episode that has been in syndication since the beginning of time. Wrote and sold a script for Quinn Martin Productions entiltled, A Rock & A Hard Place Episode entitled, The Treasure. Wrote a one half hour situation comedy for the television show Double Trouble Wrote a one half hours situation comedy for the television show Blossom. Episode 63 PARIS. He wrote a one half-hour situation comedy for the television show Blossom Episode71 entitled, 38 SPECIAL He wrote a one half-hour situation comedy for the television show, The Laroquette Show. Wrote and published music thru BMI for the situation comedy Blossom entitled, I've got my ticket He also performed the song on the show. He has played in live performance in Los Angeles weekly steady for many years. Currently he is playing with The Preachers Blues Band out of Ventura, CA."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life? 
Health, Happiness, Family, friends, being creative

Jun 6, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Prowess (E73)

About: Prowess from UK

"Prowess is a 5 piece heavy rock/metal band from the south of england.Started in 2009 and formed by singer 'Boe' and drummer 'Woody' then bassist Tris jumped on board and after many changes for lead guitar found master shredder 'Martin' a.k.a. 'Tweek', and finally recruited Darren on rythym. The band has recorded 5 studio ttracks ranging in sound from punk rock to all out in your face metal with that feminine touch. They band are now fast becoming a very popular live band locally and have now started to headline the gigs on a regular basis due to the energy and audience participation.Watch this space, a british heavy rock band to be reconed with"

1). Name the 5 most important things in your life.
oh, tough one, always family and friends first, 2nd would be the music and fans, 3rd would be loyalty, 4th - honesty, and 5 to be cheesy.... world peace (and we do mean it)

Jun 3, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Headphone Symphony (E73)

About: Headphone Symphony

"After a long summer of recording their first album Headphone Symphony is now out to play like crazy til their throats are sore, their fingers worn to the bone and their thighs chafed red raw. The first album shows the bands ability to fuse Blues stylings with Rock, Funk, Pop and just about anything else you can think of. They are out to stun with Keys, Guitar, Bass and Drums mixing in a way most people knew was possible but have not dared to try due to the probability of seriously harming themselves. Add 3 part vocal harmonies to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for musical deliciousness that you won’t be able to refuse."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
Girlfriend, headphone symphony's music, coffee, my work as a music tutor and my friends.

Featured Artist interview: Evan Jarvis (E73)

About: Evan Jarvis

"I am a 21 year old singer/songwriter in Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Not far from Akron). When I was 13 I played drums for a band called F.E.A.R. After many years of playing together and line up changes the band fell apart. Since I wrote most of the material I continued to play music on my own, and continued writing songs. I perform at open mic nights frequently and most recently booked a ton of shows. I am also in the studio recording a 5 song EP at Hope & Truth Studios in Massilion, OH."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
My Music, My Family, My Love, My Friends, My Fans

2). Lets assume that in 2012 will be the end of the world.. what do you have to do till that time?
Record and perform until I get airplay. the second my music reaches the radio I think I can die happy.

Jun 1, 2011

ArenaCast Episode 73 Playlist

Week June 1 - June 8
This week: This episode highlights new albums from Eddie Vedder, Death Cab for Cutie, My Morning Jacket, Jordan Knight and Flogging Molly, and features 10 songs by artists from Ecuador, England, Greece, New York and Hollywood.
ArenaCast Episode includes:

# Artist Track
1 Smoove Gotti Head Down
2 David Reo Mississipi Greyhound Blues
3 DA.GYANT Every Day is Sunday
4 Among Suspects I Know This Night Could Last Longer
5 Headphone Symphony She Said
6 Prowess Drain Me
7 Evan Jarvis The Coffeehouse Musician
8 The Tubescreamers Band Jerisso Blues
9 Suzy Anderson Not Till I Say So
10 Route 4 You Feel

Brief interviews with featured artists coming soon!

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Featured Artist interview: Eve Lesov (E72)

About: Eve Lesov from Brooklyn

"Eve Lesov is Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, who collaborates with a number of musicians to create different arrangements of her songs. Eve's compositions usually start with her voice and piano, opening fruitful ground for other instruments and electronic effects to embellish the sound. Eve's most recent works are a product of collaboration between Eve Lesov, vocals and piano, Ricardo Rodriguez, bass, Jon DeLeon, drums, Maria Mejenny, violin, Yoed Nir, cello, and Boris Pelekh, guitar. Production on most works is done by John D. Fauller.
As a pianist with extensive training and experience, Eve often performs her songs by herself."

1).What do you think will happen to music in 50 years?
We can only take wild guesses and I'd rather not, as I love to explore new and old musical styles and I am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised in 50 years. Who knows, maybe it'll be back to classical music again.

Featured Artist interview: Velhas Virgens (E72)

About: Velhas Virgens from São Paulo ,Brazil

"The Virgins Old have been around since 1986. Since then there were 11 CDs, 3 DVDs, a book of biography, a comic book, brand name clothing, mugs and, on completing 25 years of existence, the band will make its most ambitious project is the "Beer Old Virgin. "
The only remaining original formation de Paulo Carvalho and Alexandre "Horse" Days. The band currently has Tuca Paiva on bass, Simon Brown on drums, Ju Kosso on vocals and Roy Carllini on guitars."

1).What do you think will happen to music in 50 years?
It is indeed difficult, i think.I'll talk about rock.
Consulting the tarot, the horoscope and the stars, I see a new era of heavy music coming. Think with me: in the beginning of everything we had Chuck Berry that was heavier than the Beatles, who ruled in the 60s. Then we had more heavy sound with Jimmi Hendrix, thank God. The progressive rock almost destroyed my balls. After that, punk rock saved us. But punk was diluted until it becomes something of shops and fashion. The Grunge brought back the spirit of rock wild. And since that time we are under the command of the tearful "emocore". For me, thinking that everything is cyclical, we will soon have a new time to return the weight to rock. Amen.