Jun 1, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Eve Lesov (E72)

About: Eve Lesov from Brooklyn

"Eve Lesov is Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, who collaborates with a number of musicians to create different arrangements of her songs. Eve's compositions usually start with her voice and piano, opening fruitful ground for other instruments and electronic effects to embellish the sound. Eve's most recent works are a product of collaboration between Eve Lesov, vocals and piano, Ricardo Rodriguez, bass, Jon DeLeon, drums, Maria Mejenny, violin, Yoed Nir, cello, and Boris Pelekh, guitar. Production on most works is done by John D. Fauller.
As a pianist with extensive training and experience, Eve often performs her songs by herself."

1).What do you think will happen to music in 50 years?
We can only take wild guesses and I'd rather not, as I love to explore new and old musical styles and I am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised in 50 years. Who knows, maybe it'll be back to classical music again.

2).What are the main difficulties for being a musician in your country?
America, New York in particular, offers an amazing music scene. Unfortunately, it comes with severe competition. So I'd say my main concern is to get thru to the audience.

3).Would you like your children to become musicians, just like you do? Why yes or why not?
Only if they choose to. I will never force my child to learn how to play a musical instrument. I know nothing good can come out of it. I see too many cases, where children go through a musical school, shut their piano forever and never touch the instrument again; all because the whole experience was forced onto them by their parents.

4).What is the instrument of your dream? (type/brand/model)
I am pleased with the digital piano I have: Yamaha YDP-V240

5).If you could raise one music idol from the dead – who would it be?

Listen to: Eve Lesov - Maniac

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