Jun 21, 2011

Featured Artist interview: GuRL (E75)

About: GuRL from Edmonton,Canada

"GuRL has been hiding in Edmonton for about 2 years now, working on and recording their first studio album. The bands songs are catchy and memorable, and eventually become a part of you like a jock strap thats too small. With influences like Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41, and Rise Against, who the hell wouldn't like us!?! So far, steady rehearsals and a tight professional live show have been the bands main focus. Expect to see us around Edmonton and touring around Canada soon!"

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
Our band, friends, family, music, longboarding.

2). Lets assume that in 2012 will be the end of the world.. what do you have to do till that time?
Get famous, play shows, go skydiving, pwn n00bz.

3). What fiction character would you like to be?
Batman... or Spiderman, they were equally awesome. However there has been no proof of them being fictional characters... but thats what we're going with.

4). If Elvis was still alive, will he still be the king?
Well yeah, he's the King until he dies. Everyone knows he's still alive... In our hearts.

5). Gather your dream band of the best musicians. Who would play guitars, bass, drums etc?
Flea - bass, Travis Barker - drums, Synster Gates - guitar, Dallas Green - vocals

Listen to: GuRL - Baby We're Going Down

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