Jun 10, 2011

Featured Artist interview: Shelter (E74)

About: Shelter from New Zealand

"From the ashes of two prominent NZ rock acts, Shelter has emerged and are already beginning to make waves in the NZ music scene.
It was near the beginning of 2010 following the demise of premier Rock act Miscreant, that vocalist Chris Brebner found himself yearning for another musical creative outlet. After writing some solo material, Brebner contacted Damian Hilt & Alan Treanor, both previous members of Miscreant to gauge their interest in trying something stylistically different from their earlier collaborations. With all three in agreement to press forward on a new musical venture, the word was put out for a talented guitarist to join them on their endeavors. Joe Ravenhall answered the call and quickly added a new dimension to the group. With the final addition of Nathan Cooper on keys, Shelter had found their exciting new sound and were ready to head into the studio.
Fresh from New Zealand’s premier recording facility York Street Studios, Shelter have produced two tracks combining the purest elements of modern rock with intricate melodies to introduce the world to their infectious new sound. With more studio time booked with Premier music producer Andrew Buckton, the wheels are only just beginning to turn on the promising machine that is Shelter."

1). Name 5 most important things in your life?
My Daughter, my fiance, my friends, Heineken & my acoustic guitar.

2). Lets assume that in 2012 will be the end of the world.. what do you have to do till that time?
Spend time with my family and friends.

3). What fiction character would you like to be?
Probably the invisible man as I could get up to all sorts of shit.

4). If Elvis was still alive, will he still be the king?
No I think Lady Gaga would still trump him. Wait, she's a guy right?

5). Gather your dream band of the best musicians. Who would play guitars, bass, drums etc?
Jon Bonham on drums, Mark Tremonti on guitar, Flea on the bass & Chris Cornell singing. Fuck yeah!

Listen to: Shelter - Blacklight Friday

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