Jun 24, 2011

Invariant - alternative rock , Russia (ArenaCast E76)

About: Invariant - trio from Saint-Petersburg.

"Well... We're young... We're making music with our souls. We want it one day to be heard all around the world and make people just a bit more happy... Let's say we just follow the path of our hearts. :) Anyway, our music is the best description for us."

Let's talk about the best music album you have heard recently. Tell us more about it and why you liked this album. 
The best album of recent time.. Don't know really. =) Unfortunately I can't say that I've recently heard something that is really nice.. I mean the whole album.. I can even say that the present music is getting more and more emotionless..

 As for me the most important thing is emotions and imaginations that the music brings to our minds. I think it's much more important then production and stuff. Of course the best thing to hear is great music + great production. Like Origin of Symmetry by Muse for example.. It is brilliant. Compare it the their last album ( :(( ) and you would understand what I mean.
To get back the question: the best thing I've heard recently... I would say.. Dir En Grey - Uroboros (2008). Really like the atmosphere.. It's also very.. lets say - multilayered.. It's deep. It's colorful. You know.. I would recommend to take a try of it.. It's Japanese band by the way. They always have "their own melodics" in the music. You might like it I think. =)

Listen to: Invariant - Youth

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