Jun 24, 2011

MANTA - classic rock, UK (ArenaCast E76)

About: MANTA the Glasgow based 4 piece band.

"Origionally founded in late 2006 by Bryan Gallacher and Dan Tonner MANTA have reached new levels when joined by Marc Quinn and Ken Blair and went on to write an absolute mountain of material that is slowly being recorded and are writing material at a tremendous rate along with a UK tour starting in 2011 with a single release on the way in the summer."

Let's talk about the best music album you have heard recently. Tell us more about it and why you liked this album.
The best album I heard recently has to be Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood Live at Madison Square Gardens.
The album itself is a few years old now but Clapton delivers on every note, every bend and every beat- for a live album the sound quality and mix is perfect- the guitar sounds, the hammond- its heavenly :)
There are a few Hendrix covers in there and as a guitar player I cant get enough of how pure and perfect Clapton plays :)

Listen to: MANTA - Touch The Sky

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